Elden Ring: Sacred Order Skill Explained

Are you wondering what the Sacred Order Skill does in Elden Ring?

by Gordon Bicker
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Elden Ring has many different skills/Ashes of War to obtain and Sacred Order is one which can provide an enormous help in many battles. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are keeping track of which ones you want to try and find first, meaning you want all the details. This article will take you through exactly what the Sacred Order skill does in Elden Ring.

What Does the Sacred Order Skill Do in Elden Ring?

The Sacred Order skill comes with the massive benefit of increasing your damage by 10% in PVE. It grants the weapon you have equipped Holy Essence. However, when you cast it in PVP you will still get a damage increase (just a lesser amount) so it isn’t only useful in PVE. The skill costs 18 Focus Points to cast and it isn’t chargeable in any way, just a base cast.

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This Ash of War went through changes in Patch 1.07 and instead of a 30-second duration it was increased to have the Holy Essence applied for 60 seconds. With that change, the skill in my opinion is a necessity to have but especially when battling Undead enemies since you will deal more damage to them when Sacred Order is active. Not only that but skeletons can’t get back up again if you eliminate them while the Holy Essence is on your weapon.

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Sacred Order Skill Patch 1.10 Changes

It should be noted that before Patch 1.10 the effects of Sacred Order could accidentally carry over to other weapons you switch to — this has now been fixed. I know that this may change people’s views on the skill since it was exceptionally more powerful for that glitch, nonetheless, it is still an excellent Ash of War to acquire.

How to Get the Sacred Order Weapon Skill in Elden Ring

The Treespear weapon has the Sacred Order Weapon Skill automatically equipped on it so if you acquire the Treespear during your travels then you can get it that way. However, a quick and easy way to get it is by obtaining the Sacred Order Ash of War which is ultimately better since you can equip it on other weapons. Shown below is a video by Axiom that showcases in detail the exact location of where you can get it.

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Now that you know what the Sacred Order skill does in Elden Ring and how to get it, you can jump back into The Lands Between and wreak Holy Essence havoc on your enemies.

- This article was updated on July 27th, 2023

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