Elden Ring Sacred Tears Church Locations For Each Region

This important item can help you heal more.

by William Schwartz


The healing and magic flasks of Elden Ring can be upgraded by collecting items.  The Sacred Tear is one such item that allows you to increase the potency of the flask giving your more HP or FP by finding this item.  The Sacred Tear in Elden Ring are generally located at Church Site locations and these churches are found all over the massive world of Elden Ring.

In this guide we’ll show the locations of Sacred Tears in Elden Ring.

Sacred Tear Locations in Elden Ring by Region

Limgrave Sacred Tears


Third Church of Marika

This Sacred Tear can be found fairly early on in Elden Ring.  Just take your horse and ride to this church.  It’s sitting in front of the giant statue at the church.  Depending on how early you venture out there, the enemies might be tough so stay on guard.  There’s a site of grace there to rest if you have trouble.

Weeping Peninsula Sacred Tears


As you head into the Weeping Peninsula there are three churches in the region that all have Sacred Tears.  The Callu Baptisal Church, The Fourth Church of Marika, and Church of Pilgrimage.

Church of Irith


After Defeating Godrick and completing the first castle beyond the Godrick Boss Fight doors is a church.  The Church of Irith has the Sacred Tear at the foot of the statue.

Liurnia Sacred Tears

Bellum Church


The Bellum Chuch is due north of the Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia

Church of Inhibition


This out of the way church is going to require some agile jumping with your horse to reach this frenzied town.  Be wary of frenzied villagers and a frenzied invader when entering the church.

Altus Plateau Sacred Tears

Storm Caller Church


Just outside of the walls of the Capital, Lendell you will find another Church with a Sacred Tear.  Getting here is a dangerous path but worth it for the extra healing ability.  As an extra Bonus, make sure you pick up the Dragonbolt Blessing which is in a treasure chest in the corner which can easily be overlooked.

Second Church of Marika


Just off near the Mirage Rise is another church where you can pick up a Sacred Tear.  The Second Church of Marika, use the lift well nearby to get up to the church but be ready for an invader.

Mountaintop of the Giants Church Sacred Tears


First Church of Marika

This dangerous Mountaintop of the Giants area has tough enemies and a church at the southern most point of the freezing lake.  The Lake itself houses a large ice dragon so you’ll need to be fast if you want to get it.

Church of Repose


Church of the Plague


Church of the Plague is located in Sellia Town of Sorcery.  Initially this area will be locked by a magic gate but can be unlocked by lighting a flame at the top of the tall tower in the area.  Simply follow the sprawling branches to reach the tower, once it’s reached you’ll need to head to the big main gate that had been blocked by the magic spell.

Church of Repose


The Church of Repose Lies just ahead of the Foot of the Forge on the Mountaintops of Giants.  This Church is guarded by an NPC invasion, but if you can get to the Site of Grace within you can spawn there and easily snag the Sacred Tear and then take on the NPC at your leisure.

What are Sacred Tears

Sacred Tears allow your heals to heal you more.  Your healing flask starts with a limited amount of healing that can be done.  Getting a Sacred Tear will allow it heal you more each time.

What to do with Sacred Tears

Sacred Tears can be used to upgrade your flask when resting at Sites of Grace.

That’s all of the Sacred Tear locations that we’ve found in Elden Ring.  If you find others, feel free to let us know @FanboyAttack on Twitter and we’ll update this guide with more locations as they are discovered.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2022

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