Elden Ring: Where is Blaidd in Nokron?

Blaidd said to meet him, but he's nowhere to be found.

by Diego Perez , Drew Kopp
Elden Ring Blaidd Siofra River
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As you work to complete Ranni the Witch’s massive sidequest in Elden Ring, you will find yourself working alongside the half-wolf warrior Blaidd. After the two of you take down Starscoruge Radahn at Redmane Castle, a falling meteorite will reveal the path to Nokron, the Eternal City. Before he departs, Blaidd asks you to meet him “where the falling star bit the Earth.” However, Blaidd will not be in the Eternal City when you go to look for him. Here’s how to find Blaidd in Nokron in Elden Ring.

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Where is Blaidd in Nokron?

Elden Ring is a game where even basic instructions from NPCs can be cryptic or misleading. Unlike the previous times when Blaidd asked you to meet him somewhere, like the Siofra River beneath Limgrave and Caelid, Blaidd will not be in Nokron when you go to look for him there. However, there is an excellent reason why Blaidd is not able to meet you at the Eternal City, as he has found himself in a somewhat awkward situation. Fortunately, you can find and speak with Blaidd before you delve into Nokron by returning to a location where the two of you crossed paths earlier in the game.

Where Does Blaidd Go After Radahn in Elden Ring?

After the boss battle with Radahn, Blaidd can be found at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave. This is the same place where you battled Bloodhound Knight Darriwil alongside Blaidd much earlier in the game if you spoke to him at the Mistwood Outskirts. If you approach the center of the Evergaol, Blaidd will call out to you and reveal that he was imprisoned within the Evergoal by Blacksmith Iji, another of Ranni’s vassals. Once you’ve freed him by interacting with the Evergoal, a grateful Blaidd will depart to discover why Iji has seemingly betrayed Ranni’s cause, promising to meet you in Nokron afterward.


Unfortunately, Blaidd never makes it to Nokron. If you confront Blacksmith Iji yourself at the Road to the Manor Site of Grace in Liurnia, he will reveal that he imprisoned Blaidd to keep him from going feral, which he is fated to do. At this point, you must complete the rest of Ranni’s quest before interacting with Blaidd again. Once you have finished Ranni’s questline, you can find Blaidd one last time at Ranni’s Rise, surrounded by the corpses of Black Knife assassins sent to kill Ranni and consumed by an animalistic fury. Lost in his madness, Blaidd will mistake you as a threat to Ranni and attack you, leaving you with no choice but to put him out of his misery.

- This article was updated on July 26th, 2023

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