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Elder Scrolls Blades How to Attack

There are multiple ways to tackle different enemy types.

by William Schwartz


Elder Scrolls Blades is a mobile RPG from Bethesda Game Studios that is set in the Elder Scrolls universe.  It features real-time combat like the console and PC versions of the game, but being that it has been designed for touch screens the controls are a little bit different than traditional games.  This guide will explain how to attack in Elder Scrolls Blades.

When you’re fighting enemies in Elder Scrolls Blades you will need to be mindful of a few things.  The first thing you’ll want to take into consideration is whether this enemy is standing directly in front of you for the fight or whether they are lunging back and forth.  Animals like rats or wolves will lunge in and out to attack you while others will stand toe to toe with you.

Critical Hits

In either case you will touch and hold your finger on the screen and then release it to attack.  In this mechanic you will notice that the longer you hold your finger on the screen you will see a meter fill in the circle.  When you immediately touch the screen the circle will be red, but as you hold it it will turn yellow until the circle is filled when you will see an outline.  When you see that outline is the optimal time to attack.

There are a couple of things to also take into consideration when attacking in Elder Scrolls Blades.  If the enemy has a shield they can block your attacks.  You’ll want to be mindful of whether their shield is raised when attacking.  If it is, you will hit their shield instead of hitting them and you will stagger yourself and be open to attack.

Using Special Abilities

You can also attack with magicka or stamina attacks that are unlocked via the Skill Tree.  Assuming that you have the available magicka or stamina you can click the icons that fill on a timer to unleash these unique attacks.  These attacks must be equipped to be used in battle.  You will find these blue and green icons at the bottom of the screen above the magicka and stamina bars.  Simply touch them with your finger to perform the associated attacks.

Attacking Animals

If the enemy that you are fighting is an animal, you may notice that you can hit them.  Since the combat is basically stationary you’ll see that these animal-type enemies will lunge back and forth as they attack and retreat.  To attack this type of enemy with a melee weapon you will need to wait for the right moment.  Or, you can use one of the above special abilities like a fireball that will allow you to attack enemies that aren’t close enough to you to hit them with a melee attack.


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