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Elder Scrolls Blades How to Combo

Alternate your presses on the left and right sides of the screen

by William Schwartz


In Elder Scrolls Blades, melee combat is one of the core gameplay aspects that players will need to master before tackling the tougher enemies and completing different challenges.  Combo attacks are good way to deal as much damage as possible without taking damage yourself.  This guide will explain the easiest way to do multi-hit combos in Elder Scrolls Blades.

To combo attack in Elder Scrolls Blades you need to perform your melee attacks in quick succession.

2 Hit Combo

A two-hit combo is relatively easy to do and it is the building block for stringing together longer combos.  To do a melee attack you simply need to tough the screen with your finger.  Doing so will open a brief window where you must release your finger at the right moment to perform the attack.

To do a combo you can simply use both of your thumbs.  Right thumb attack and then use your left thumb to do a second follow-up attack.  You must do this immediately after the first attack to get the 2-hit combo.  You can do this from right to left or from left to right.  Either one will result in a two-hit combo.  If you are hit or take damage during this process the combo will be broken.

3 Hit Combo

To do a three hit combo you will simply alternate the attacks from left to right or vice versa.  Starting right you will do right, left, right.  Or starting from the left you will do left, right, left.  Again, taking damage during this process will disrupt the combo and you will need to try again.

It’s important to note that when doing this type of attack on the left side of the screen that you are not pressing on the shield button.  If so, you will block instead of performing the attack so position your left thumb a little bit higher to avoid the block icon.

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