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Elder Scrolls Blades How to Heal

Spells, Potions, and Perks will keep your HP filled.

by William Schwartz


Like traditional Elder Scrolls games Elder Scrolls Blades has you managing your health while battling enemies.  Your health is represented as the red bar on the bottom of the screen and if it gets to zero you will die.  There are many different ways that you can heal your character in Elder Scrolls Blades — you can use healing potions, find healing items, or use perks that will regenerate your health.

How to use Healing Items

Food will replenish your health in Elder Scrolls Blades and it is often found in dungeons.  Simply pay attention while exploring a dungeon for highlighted items.  Some of these will be food that you can eat to instantly heal you with different levels of HP recovery.

How to use Health Potions

Using health potions can be done in two ways.  The first is through the game’s menu.  While exploring a dungeon you can heal at any time by opening up the menu on the top left and corner of the screen.  From there you can select Character > Healing Potion > and then click the blue icon to take the potion.

If you are low on health you will also get a healing prompt above the red health bar that signals you should heal yourself with a potion.  You can also click on this button to instantly heal yourself with a potion.

Health Regeneration

Health Regeneration works differently than you might think.  Instead of health regenerating while you’re exploring a dungeon and walking around while not in combat, it’s the other way around.  Health only regenerates while you are in combat, but there are combat perks to regenerate more health during these sequences.

How to Use Healing Perks

There are three major perks, abilities, and spells that you can use in Elder Scrolls Blades to increase your healing and health regeneration.

There is the Healing Surge perk which allows you to increase your health regeneration when your stamina is high. This can be purchased in the Skills Tree menu and is accessible at level 23.  There is the Absorb Spell, which must be cast and negates damage that you take and converts it to healing.  This spell can be upgraded throughout the game to increase its effectiveness. Finally there is the Adrenaline Dodge ability that evades when attacks and then converts this attack damage into health recovery.  This one can be purchased at level 10 and be upgraded as well.

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