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Escape From Tarkov – How to Get Maps

Maps will help you find exits.

by William Schwartz


Maps in Escape From Tarkov allow  you to get a better idea of the layout of a raid area.  These in-game maps give you the ability to see infiltration and extraction points on the map so that you aren’t aimlessly wandering around when trying to escape.

Getting maps in Tarkov can be done in a couple of different ways.  The first is to find them on other players.  If they don’t put there maps in their secure case, this is an item that can be looted.  However, if you happen to be the one that has lost their map to another player, you can purchase them at the in-game vendors.

The Therapist will sell you maps for Roubles


Starting out you head to the Therapist who has a handful of maps available to purchase.  The maps at the Therapist vendor are relatively cheap and you will need Roubles to purchase them.  To access the vendors head to Trading from the main menu.

Once in the Trading Menu choose the Therapist Vendor and then inspect the items in her inventory to reveal the maps.  If you’ve got the necessary Roubles you can purchase all of the maps from the therapist.

After you’ve got the maps it’s probably a good idea to store the ones that you are not using in a secure container so you don’t need to purchase them again.  And, make sure you move the map you want to use into your main inventory.

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