Every Age Restricted Fortnite Skin and Cosmetic

Here's a round-up of evey age-restricted skin in Fortnite.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Epic Games

Fortnite is well-known for its massive collection of alternate skins and cosmetics, some of which are more… risque than others.

While players could previously wear any skin they wanted at all times, the recent addition of a content-rating system has caused many of the game’s skins to become age-restricted.

Being age-restricted puts severe limits on where Fortnite skin can be worn in the game’s Creative Mode, and many fans have been forced to learn the hard way that many of the most popular skins in the game have suddenly become contraband on specific maps. Here is a list of all skins and cosmetics that have been age-restricted in Fortnite.

All Age-Restricted Skins and Cosmetics in Fortnite

Image: Epic Games

After the content-rating update, about 7% of Fortnite’s skin and cosmetics have been subjected to age-rating restrictions. Skins rated E10+ can’t be worn on Creative Islands that have not been labeled T-for-Teen, which means you can’t wear them on many of Creative Mode’s most popular Islands.

It’s unclear what factors into a skin and cosmetics age rating, but Fortnite fans have noticed that it seems to be influenced by whether the skin features guns, bullets, holsters, and other non-cartoonish weaponry.

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Keep reading if you’re a Fortnite fan who wants to know if you can wear your favorite skin and cosmetics in some of Creative Mode’s most popular Islands. Here is a list of all the skis and cosmetics rated T-for-Teen in Fortnite.

  • Cyclo
  • Driftwalker
  • Midas
  • Midas Rex
  • Oro
  • Predator
  • Raptor
  • The Visiter
  • Grave Feather
  • TNTina
  • Rick Grimes
  • Reese
  • Cloud Striker
  • Mincemeat
  • Snake Eyes
  • Myna
  • Nathan Drake
  • Marigold
  • Summer Fable
  • Derby Dynamo
  • Lennox Rose
  • Gunnar
  • Big Mouth
  • Nolan Chance
  • Jolterror
  • They’re Backlash
  • Wanderlost
  • Boo-Lastoff
  • Doom Dancer
  • Hypersonic
  • Haunted Hunter
  • The Bitey Vauly
  • Putrid Polarity
  • Extinguished Firebrand
  • Antonia
  • Purradise Meowscles
  • Keleritas
  • Teef
  • Koi Agent Chigusa
  • Koi Stricker Envoy
  • Xenomorph
  • Corrupted Insight
  • Hemlock
  • Agent Peely
  • Peely Bone
  • Meowscles
  • Grimoire
  • Scuba Jonesy
  • Shady Zadie
  • Rook
  • Ragsy
  • Stoneheart
  • Sgt. Winter
  • Terminator
  • Mike Lowrey
  • Kiara K.O.
  • Wilde
  • Chief Hopper
  • Nitehare
  • Nia
  • Scrapeknight Jules
  • Hugo
  • Splatterella
  • Tek
  • Headlock
  • Zina
  • Redux
  • Reina
  • Dizzie
  • Sinister Glare
  • Bogstick
  • Nalia
  • Lumi Jellie
  • Undying Sorrow
  • The Order
  • Cuddle Scream Leader
  • Tess
  • Lovely
  • Chigusa
  • Wavebreaker
  • Jade Racer
  • Megumi
  • Arctica
  • Flatfoot
  • Yellowjacket
  • Jellie
  • Metal Mouth
  • Wake Rider
  • Depth Dealer
  • Bandolette
  • Zadie
  • Rustler
  • Brite Blaster
  • Turk VS Riptide
  • Biz
  • Wrangler
  • Fatal Finisher
  • Sinister Striker
  • Crypt Crosser
  • Burial Threat
  • Soulless Sweeper
  • Midfield Monstrosity
  • Bravo Leader
  • Doublecross
  • Paxton Price
  • Demogorgon
  • Clash
  • Swamp Knight
  • Fox Fire
  • Envoy
  • Chaos Explorer
  • Wild Gunner
  • Carnage
  • Venom
  • Deadpool
  • Domino
  • Cable
  • Eddie Brock
  • Black Widow Outfit
  • Black Widow (Snow Suit)
  • Doctor Doom
  • Rebirth Harley Quinn
  • The Batman Who Laughs
  • Deathstroke Zero
  • Marsha
  • Slurp Bandolette
  • The Devourer
  • Icebound Midas
  • Leon S. Kennedy
  • Lara Croft
  • Claire Redfield
  • Chris Redfield

How Have Fortnite Fans Responded to Age-Rating Update?

To put it as nicely as possible, Fortnite’s age-rating update has not been received well by the game’s fandom. Many Fortnite fans, including several high-profile Creative Mode content creators and mapmakers like I Talk and GoodGamers, have taken to Twitter to criticize the update.

Many of these critics have pointed out that the update seems to be the latest in a series of moves Epic Games has made to promote Fortnite’s Creative Mode at the expense of Battle Royal Mode, which remains the game’s most popular mode.

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023

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