Evil Dead The Game: Best Beginner Survivors & Demons

Be your grooviest self.

by J.R. Waugh


Evil Dead: The Game is out now and fans of the Sam Raimi camp horror franchise are finally able to slay as the Survivors or sabotage and dominate as the Demons.  It’s a wild ride which, along with the opportunity to play as all the incarnations of Ash Williams through the series, enables you to play as more of the endearing cast of heroes and baddies.  But for those just starting in the game, it might be a bit daunting to get used to the game, so be sure to read on for our guide on the Best Beginner Survivors & Demons in Evil Dead: The Game!

Evil Dead The Game: Best Beginner Survivors & Demons


Simply put, if you’re a Survivor just starting, strongly consider playing as Cheryl Williams, and if you’re a Demon, the Necromancer is a good starting point.

On the Survivor side of things, Cheryl is a Support character who still possesses the basic combat abilities of any of the rest of the team, but with a massive capacity for self-healing and group-healing.  Her main ability, when activated (B or ‘Circle’ when the cooldown is off) creates a healing aura that rapidly restores team health, and she innately has more carrying capacity for Shemp’s Cola, the consumable healing item of the game which players must ration.  Many of her abilities are centered around the usage of Shemp’s Cola, including upgrades that allow you to reduce teammates’ fear as well as heal them.  This allows you to contribute to the team while building up Spirit Points from successful missions.


For Demons, the Necromancer is a good adaptation of the Demons’ abilities, where you can build up your Threat Level (essentially your experience points) to spend on upgrades quickly and amass an overwhelming skeleton army.

The Necromancer’s army is relatively easy to use, and the boss character you can level up to summon in particular, Evil Ash, is slow but very powerful.  Playing as the boss plays similarly to if you’re playing as Survivors, but with additional twists like crazy good buffs to your army and summoning of more goons.   In general your summoning will result in rapid spawning of enemies to wear down your foes, and if you possess them to fight the Survivors, their shields come in handy allowing you to weather a few hits and preserve your balance bar.  Invest lots in the basic units for your skills, they’ll be your bread and butter.  And be sure to use your unique demon skill to summon the skeleton flautist, it’ll buff your minions.

Naturally, you’re welcome to eventually choose your preferred characters, but these allow you to get a foothold in the experience, while also getting Spirit Points you can use to rapidly level up your favorites once you’re used to it.  Cheryl Williams becomes highly fun to play in this game, despite her character experiencing a rather unspeakable fate in the mainline series, and as for the Necromancer, something just feels right about being able to command a skeleton army in a horror game.

This concludes our guide on the Best Beginner Survivors & Demons in Evil Dead: The Game!  Be sure to check out our other guides, including how to unlock other characters!

Evil Dead: The Game is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.  A Nintendo Switch port is also on the way.

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