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Evil Genius 2: How to Earn Gold Easily

Taking over the world is an expensive endeavor.

by Brandon Adams


In Evil Genius 2 you’ll need vast amounts of gold and wealth to see your plan to dominate the world through, and that means robbing a bank or twelve. Schemes are where you’ll make your fortune in Evil Genius 2, but there are few things you should consider, lest you draw too much attention from the Forces of Justice.

Run Schemes on the Global Operations map to earn gold in Evil Genius 2.

Your cover operation may be a casino, but your best sources of gold in Evil Genius 2 are the various Schemes on the Global Operations map. These range from robbing banks, to stealing the cure for cancer, and other diabolical plots. They come in various flavors and tiers, all determined by the rank of your Criminal Network in the area.

To run Schemes you’ll need to first build a Criminal Network in an area, which is done after you first scout the region. Each region requires 1 Broadcast Strength to scout, which is a resource gained from building Radio Repeaters in your Control Room. Each Radio Repeater is worth 1 Broadcast Strength, though you’ll also lose Broadcast Strength should you remove Repeaters, effectively grinding your Schemes to a halt if you choose to renovate.

There are research upgrades tied to your Schemes, under the Global Operations tab of the Research panel. These nodes will allow you to do a few things. The first and most important is the ability to upgrade your Criminal Networks, which will unlock more lucrative Schemes in the area.


The second type reduce the Heat generated by each of your Criminal Networks. Heat is a big deal when it comes to successfully running Schemes, so for the sake of earning gold in Evil Genius 2 you’ll want to research ways to keep it low to maximize the amount of gold you earn from your Schemes.

This is important to note, because each Scheme has a set amount of gold available for you to earn (at the cost of Minions, who do not return from Schemes). This gold is earned over the advertised duration of the Scheme. So, if a Scheme offers you 50,000 gold, and it takes 20 minutes to complete, you will earn that 50K over that amount of time.

There are shorter Schemes with smaller payouts if you need a quick infusion of gold in Evil Genius 2, but the trick to earning gold easily is to run multiple long-term Schemes at once to maximize the amount of gold you have coming in at any given time. It’s critical you don’t get too greedy and keep your Heat low in your Criminal Networks, and that you don’t spend more Minions than you have available. If you can manage those two resources you’ll be flush with cash, even before you start unlocking better Schemes with higher ranked Criminal Networks.

Evil Genius 2 is available March 30th on PC.

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