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Evil Genius 2: How to Increase Power

You can't run your lair on malice alone.

by Brandon Adams


In Evil Genius 2 your lair needs power to operate, and if you aren’t paying attention to your build costs you can quickly find yourself running around with the lights off. If you don’t have enough power in your base to keep the lights on you will find all of your diabolical plans ground to a halt, and you won’t be able to run new Schemes in your Global Operations. So, how do you increase the power in your lair?

Increase your Power in Evil Genius by building more generators, and researching better ones.

Power is a crucial resource in Evil Genius 2, one you should always be mindful of when expanding your lair. Nearly every item in the build menu has a power cost associated with it, and if you get a little too build crazy you can easily go over your current limit. Thankfully I.R.I.S. will yell at you should you do this, but sometimes you’ll miss the prompt.

To avoid running out of power for your lair in Evil Genius 2 you’ll want to expand your Power Station and build additional generators. Early on the basic generator only provides +10 Power per unit, but it only costs 3,000 Gold to build. You can easily build a large Power Station and fill it with generators to cover your initial needs, but you’ll want to research better generators for two reasons: they generate more power and you’ll need to prioritize space in your lair for other rooms.

There are two generators you can research in the “Lair” tab of the Research menu (“R” by default). The Nuclear Generator is in Tier 2, so you’ll need to complete 3 Tier 1 research nodes (these can be from any research tab) and progress the main objective to the point where you unlock Schemes to gain access to it. The Nuclear Generator costs 10,000 Gold, but it also provides +20 power.


The Fusion Generator in Tier 4 is the final upgrade, and it’s in Tier 4 of the “Lair” tab. You’ll need to complete 6 research nodes (again, from any of the research tabs) and have started development on your Doomsday device in your Lair to unlock access to the best generator in Evil Genius 2.

Remember: agents and investigators from the Forces of Justice will want to shut down your Power Station, since you’re as good as helpless without power. Be sure to build, or at least eventually move, your Power Station to a hard to reach location within your lair, lace the corridors leading to it with traps, and don’t forget to install a few improved security doors and cameras to keep the lights on in Evil Genius 2. You can even use the capacitors in the first tier of Lair research to ensure your power never runs dry!

Evil Genius 2 is available March 30th on PC.

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