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Evil Genius 2: How to Manage Your Minions

Assert control over your loyal workforce.

by Brandon Adams


Even a diabolical genius needs to manage their Minions from time to time, and in Evil Genius 2 it’ll save you a few headaches along the way. You can’t click Minions and give them direct orders as you would an traditional RTS, but you can manage your Minions by giving them priorities within the Minion Manager.

Use the Minion Manager in Evil Genius 2 to control your workforce.

Minions in Evil Genius 2 can’t be given direct commands, but you can use the Minion Manager to establish some form of control within your lair. Minions by default don’t have a set priority – a specific task – they will complete, instead running around putting out both literal and figurative fires as they are presented.

At a basic level they are intelligent enough to fulfill crucial tasks, such as running to the Training Room to train into more advanced Minions whenever the count drops below the value you set in the Minion Trainer, but it’s not uncommon to watch Whiteboards, Computer Consoles, Guard Tables, and other items that need to be manned abandoned as your Minions all try and tackle the same problems.

The Minion Manager in Evil Genius 2 allows you to select each Minion individually from a list and assign them a priority from a selection of role-specific options. You can’t tell a Guard to prioritize research, but you can tell them to focus on keeping their happy butt stationed at the Guard Table.


Minions will still take care of their basic needs should you assign them a priority, so you don’t need to fret over them starving to death. A priority within the Minion Manager simply means they won’t pursue other tasks unless they absolutely have to, or if their assigned tasked is over-manned.

So, to use the Guard from above, they won’t go about disposing of body bags if there’s an empty seat at the Guard Table (or, by extension, if they are fighting someone they were deployed to deal with). The Minion Manager in Evil Genius 2 may not be as precise as direct control of your minions, but it does allow you to manage your massive gaggle of cats.

You can filter the Minion Manager by Minion type and priority, so it’s easy enough to dish out orders as needed. Proper use of the Minion Manager in Evil Genius 2 will save you a lot of grief in your pursuit of world domination, so be sure to use it to keep all your critical rooms and items well-manned.

Evil Genius 2 is available March 30th on PC.

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