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Evil Genius 2: How to Recruit More Minions

Minions are expendable and easily replaced labor for your lair.

by Brandon Adams


Minions in Evil Genius 2 are your greatest resource, and you need to recruit hundreds of them if you plan to take over the world. It’s important for you to keep a healthy amount of Minions on hand at all times, whether to run your base, execute your diabolical Schemes, or to thwart pesky Forces of Justice agents and investigators. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to bring more people into your devious fold.

Recruit more Minions in Evil Genius 2 by building lockers or purchasing them.

In Evil Genius 2 you will discover yourself quickly expending Minions, but there are a couple of ways to recruit more to cover for the ones you’ve lost. Minions are lost in a handful of ways – death, betrayal, and by performing Schemes – so you need to be mindful of how many you have available at any given time.

If you find yourself running low on Minions within your lair there are two primary ways to recruit more. The first method is pretty straight-forward: every minute in-game you’ll recruit 4 to 5 new Minions to your cause, so long as you have the room for them. To increase your Minion cap you need to build Lockers within the Barracks, though don’t forget to build beds for them to rest in (otherwise you’ll suffer losses from betrayals).

You can track the time left until another wave of Minions arrive in your lair from the Minion Training menu, accessible by tapping “T” on your keyboard. Click the yellow Worker Minion tab at the top of the training tree to bring up the time left on the left-hand side of the interface. From here you can use the second method of recruitment: buying them!


For 10,000 dollars you can instantly recruit 4 to 5 new Minions to your cause in Evil Genius 2, but you want to be sure you A.) don’t have any ongoing projects that are draining your cash, and B.) you have active Schemes generating income. Think of this method as more of an “emergency” button than anything else. Bear in mind you can’t buy beyond your Minion cap, so you will need to build Lockers at some point.

The timer between Minion recruitments won’t reset, so you can always wait on another wave. Use this option if you are flush with expendable income, and only if you need to bolster your Minion ranks after a disastrous run-in with the Forces of Justice, or you need to rapidly return to your Minion cap to maintain your Schemes. The first method via the timer is enough to keep your Minion roster well-manned if you are not throwing more Minions than you can afford at Schemes, or losing them to enemy incursion into your lair in Evil Genius 2.

Evil Genius 2 is available March 30th on PC.

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