Exoprimal: All Exosuits and Abilities Explained

Learn about all of the dino-slaying Exosuits in Exoprimal!

by Marc Magrini
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To survive in Exoprimal, players will need to do more than killing dinosaurs quickly. They’ll also have to pick the right Exosuit that fits their playstyle and objectives. These suits each come with their own unique abilities, weapons, and strengths, allowing for many varied tactics. All players should keep the various Exosuits of Exoprimal in mind before jumping into the wargames.

Outside of a “Rig” that can be individually equipped, all Exosuits in Exoprimal have three main abilities and one ultimate ability. Each suit has an offensive ability, a dodging ability, and a defensive ability. Each suit will also have its own unique weapon and HP count, fitting their role as either Assault, Tank, or Support. You shouldn’t worry too much about overcommitting to one suit, as you can easily swap them during battles.

All Exoprimal Assault Exosuits

Assault Exosuits focus on great mobility and powerful attacks. They’re meant to be great at taking down dinosaurs, though their defensive capabilities leave something to be desired.


This all-rounder Exosuit has 500 HP and wields a basic machine gun that can fire 40 rounds before reloading. Its offensive ability fires a grenade in a forward arc. Its dodging ability is a simple roll with a short cooldown, and its defensive ability is a short-range palm strike that pushes enemies away. Deadeye’s ultimate ability is Cluster Salvo, which unleashes a rapid spread of gunfire that can be aimed.


Zephyr is a melee-focused Exosuit with 350 HP and effective, fast blades. Its offensive ability has it charge forward to unleash a high damage shove. The dodging ability allows Zephyr to teleport across a short distance while its defensive ability delivers a rising kick that launches enemies upward. Its ultimate ability, Limiter Override, increases Zephyr’s attack speed and damage for around 15 seconds.


Barrage is a grenadier Exosuit with 500 HP and a launcher that can fire 6 bouncy explosives before reloading. Its offensive ability launches Barrage up into the air to fire a spread of three remotely-detonated grenades. Its dodging ability is a simple dodge roll with a fiery flourish and its defensive ability produces a stun grenade that knocks foes off their feet.

Barrage’s ultimate ability is Burning Heart, and it’s a bit different from most. It causes Barrage to shed its Exosuit and fly forward a short distance before exploding. This ultimate will also damage Barrage for around 300 HP, but the explosion can be detonated manually by the player.


Vigilant is a sniper-like Exosuit with 350 HP. It wields a large rifle that fires a three-round burst. The rifle can fire a total of 30 rounds (or 10 shots) before reloading. Aiming down its sights will turn the weapon into a sniper rifle that fires only one round at a time or five at once when fully powered.

Vigilant’s offensive ability fires a Power Shot from the rifle that consumes no ammo. Its dodging ability is a second jump that launches the Exosuit high into the air. The defensive ability is a cluster of ice; enemies hit by this ice will temporarily become frozen. Vigilant’s ultimate ability, Barrel Breaker, gives the Exosuit a superpowered sniper rifle that can fire six highly-damaging shots.

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All Exoprimal Tank Exosuits

Tank Exosuits are focused around defense, boasting high HP and at least one extra-strong defensive ability. Either due to lack of damage or a need for close-quarters encounters, they’ll likely have to rely on support to withstand equally-bulky foes.


Roadblock is a melee-focused Exosuit with 1000 HP and a massive shield. The shield can be kept up to block attacks, and the suit’s offensive ability uses the shield to inflict a powerful bashing blow. Its dodging ability is a short hop while its defensive ability causes Roadblock to repeatedly bash the shield, drawing enemy attention. Its ultimate ability, Storm Drive, allows Roadblock to create a powerful tornado around itself which can then be launched to carry foes away.


Krieger is a bulky-yet-offensive Exosuit with 900 HP and a minigun that can fire for over 15 seconds before needing to vent heat. Its offensive ability targets up to three enemies before firing four homing missiles at each foe. Its dodging ability is long-distance slide that can damage enemies, and its defensive ability creates a large dome-like shield over an area around Krieger. The ultimate ability, Todesregen, allows Krieger to call down an airstrike focused within a small radius, raining explosive blasts in that area for around 10 seconds.


Murasame is a katana-wielding Exosuit with 700 HP. Its offensive ability sheathes the katana before unleashed a powerful circular swipe. The dodging ability fires a short-range throwing knife that launches Murasame at an enemy. After launching forward, Murasame can either use an extra jump or attack with a falling slice. The defensive ability places Murasame in a defensive stance, triggering a powerful counterattack and buffing the Exosuit’s sword after enough damage is taken. Its ultimate ability, Meikyo Shisui, causes Murasame to charge its power before unleashed a powerful short-ranged attack.

All Exoprimal Support Exosuits

Support Exosuits lack great health or damage output, but they excel in inflicting statuses and providing healing. Having at least one support suit can be vital to victory, though having more might end up being redundant.


Witchdoctor has 400 HP and wields a low-damage cattle prod able to stun foes with electric shocks. Its offensive ability launches a short-range appendage that can either slow foes or heal allies. Its dodging ability is a large aerial roll forward that can be cancelled into a jump. Its defensive ability creates a large field to heal allies, and its ultimate ability — Vital Aura — slows nearby foes while completely healing Witchdoctor and nearby allies.


Skywave is a “magical” Exosuit with 400 HP and a wand-like rifle, firing shots that can both damage enemies and heal allies. Its offensive ability fires a wide projectile that can disrupt foes and heal allies, while its dodging ability launches Skywave into the air, allowing the Exosuit to slowly glide to the ground. Its defensive ability creates a field that sucks enemies towards the center, and its ultimate ability — De-Synchronize — creates a large time-stopping bubble around Skywave, freezing enemies within for five seconds.


A damage-friendly Exosuit with 400 HP and a pair of pistols. Its defensive ability changes ammo types between powerful rounds and health-restoring shots. This affects the suit’s offensive ability which summons four more pistols to unleash a burst of ammo, similar to Deadeye’s ultimate. The dodging ability sends out a spectral copy of Nimbus that can be teleported to. Its ultimate ability, Antipode Burst, fires a wide-range blast that carries enemies away and heals allies.

These are all the Exosuits you can currently find in Exoprimal alongside their abilities. Note that Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus will be unavailable to you until you reach certain levels or purchase the Head Start Kit. Keep each suit’s ability in mind and you should have no trouble outpacing enemy teams in the dinosaur-filled wargames!

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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