Exoprimal Tier List: Best Exosuits in Exoprimal Ranked

Which suits are the best in Exoprimal?

by Marc Magrini
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There are plenty of powerful suits for players to try out in Exoprimal. From a selection of ten Exosuits, players can use unique abilities to help them in their battles through the dinosaur-infested island. But trying to find the right suit can be a daunting task, especially when some fulfill their purpose better than others. Players should check out this Exoprimal Exosuit tier list to determine the best suit for them — and to determine which ones to switch to when necessary.

Best Exosuits in Exoprimal

Exoprimal is a fairly simple game, but it has a couple of different scenarios that players will need to be aware of. Hordes, large dinosaurs, and other players will have easier times going up against some suits than others. Additionally, each suit should be able to fulfill its role effectively. Assault-type suits should be effective at destroying dinosaurs, Tank-type suits should be able to defend against powerful attacks, and Support-type suits should be fantastic at healing.

This tier list will rank each suit based on how well it fulfills its role alongside how well it performs in combat overall.

Exoprimal Exosuit Tier List

S-Tier SuitsDeadeye, Barrage, Roadblock, Skywave
A-Tier SuitsZephyr, Krieger, Witch Doctor, Nimbus
B-Tier SuitsVigilant, Murasame

Deadeye might be a fairly basic Exosuit, but its all-around great stats make it a force to be reckoned with. Barrage deals some of the best damage you can find, even if its grenade launcher might require a bit more precision than other weapons. Roadblock’s defense is second to none, allowing it to distract larger dinosaurs and protect teammates from enemy players with incredible effectiveness. Skywave might be higher than some would agree with, but its decent damage and fantastic mobility allow it to survive incredibly well — and the longer a Support-type suit stays in the battle, the more it can focus on healing teammates and outlasting foes.

Zephyr is decent when going up against dinosaur hordes and even other players, but its lack of good defense makes it a very poor choice for larger foes. Krieger has great range and fine defensive capabilities, though its overall damage can seem to be almost deceptively low. Witch Doctor is an incredible healer with a crippling lack of damage and mobility. Nimbus is surprisingly effective against dinosaur hordes, but its healing capabilities are comparatively lacking, making it hard to rely on as your only source of support.

Vigilant and Murasame aren’t bad Exosuits at all, but their specializations makes them difficult to use in most situations. Vigilant excels in fighting larger dinosaurs, but hordes and players — including player-controlled dinosaurs — can easily tear the suit to shreds. Murasame has great damage and can hold its own against larger foes, but it’s a tank with laughable defense. The only way it defends itself is through a counter that relies on enemies attacking the suit, and if that fails to work, you’ll have to wait for a pretty long cooldown to use it again.

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Beyond each suit’s strengths and weaknesses, what matters most is your team. Having at least one of each suit type is vital, and keeping each other alive will allow you to compete with rival players. Focus on the suits that fit your playstyle best and coordinate with your allies to survive the wargames!

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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