“Factors Beyond Control” Force Respawn to Sunset Apex Legends Mobile in May

Wait, already? We just got here.

by Noah Nelson

Today, Respawn has announced that they are sunsetting Apex Legends Mobile which means that it will go offline permanently. This decision has seemingly come out of nowhere and, in Respawn’s words is because of “factors beyond our control.” This is interesting since they control every decision about the game, however, the decision to shut down Apex Legends Mobile could have come from EA itself.

Apex Legends Mobile Sunset Date

The date that Apex Legends Mobile will be sunset is May 1, 2023, at 4:00pm PT. After this time and date, Apex Legends Mobile will no longer be playable. And for now, there is no confirmed way to get a refund for the money you spent on skins, cosmetics, and Battle Passes. However, news from Respawn about refunds is said to be released soon.

In the announcement tweet, Respawn said that Apex Legends Mobile will be no more because they can’t maintain “the high-quality experience and content” that they’ve been delivering. And, as previously mentioned, this is because of factors that are “beyond control.”

Though there is no way to know for sure, our guess is that Respawn is stretched too thin with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Apex Legends or maybe EA is experiencing cutbacks and minimized the team at Respawn. These are just speculations.

Will Players Get a Refund for Apex Legends Mobile?

The first question Apex Legends Mobile players will undoubtedly have is will I get a refund for all stuff I bought in-game? There are many players who have spent real money on cosmetics and skins that will not be available when Apex Legends Mobile is shut down for good.

Respawn has stated that an FAQ on how to get refunds will be issued soon. There is some time to still enjoy Apex Legends Mobile and figure out your refund situation before you need to log out forever.

Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023