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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Where to Get the Harpoon Gun and More Harpoons

by Kyle Hanson


Sure, Fallout 4 Far Harbor adds a massive new island to explore, full of interesting characters, and long, engaging quests. But for those who have invested dozens, or even hundreds of hours into the game, getting a new weapon could be the best part of the whole thing. And Far Harbor doesn’t disappoint in this regard, with a couple of new weapons that really impress, none more so than the Harpoon Gun. But where do you find the Harpoon Gun in Fallout 4 Far Harbor? We’ll show you.

There are actually a few places you can, and likely will find a Harpoon Gun. However, you also need to find harpoons to go with it. To get both, and a decent quantity of them, without exploring the entire island of Far Harbor, there is one place to go above all the rest: The Oceanarium.


Found in the North West corner of the Far Harbor map, The Oceanarium has been taken over by an especially aquatic band of Trappers. While a lot of what you encounter in Fallout 4 is a bit random, the odds are extremely high that enemies in The Oceanarium will have a Harpoon Gun, and some harpoons to go with it.

In fact, while I was exploring the area I came across a Legendary Trapper who had a specially modified version of the Harpoon Gun, giving me an even better beast of a weapon than the other one I found nearby. Just be sure to check the bodies of all of the Trappers, and explore all of the cabins very thoroughly. The harpoons that you’ll need for ammo can be found inside as well, but many of them are laying around, scattered on top of tables and boxes.

Once you have a nice set you can go ahead and explore the island some more, and you should come across some more harpoons soon. The shops in the actual city of Far Harbor will also stock harpoons and in greater number than you’re likely to find scattered around the island, so that should be your main source once you use up your first supply. The shops also have Harpoon Guns available if you feel like burning through your caps instead of doing some fun adventuring. While harpoons are reusable if you miss, they aren’t if you actually hit your target, so don’t go shooting them at anything that wanders into your path.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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