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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Leave the Insitute

| December 4, 2015

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Leave the Insitute GameGuides  Fallout Guide Fallout 4 Fallout

We’ve already shown you how to find and join the Institute in Fallout 4, but what about how to leave the Institute. And I don’t mean how do you piss them off enough to make you no longer their friend, that’ll happen deeper into the story when you have to choose a faction to side with. I mean, the whole thing is situated in an underground bunker with no doors. The only way you got in was to teleport via a huge machine of your own construction. You don’t see any of those things just sitting around, so how do you get out. Most will figure it out on their own, but some players have had some trouble, so here’s a quick guide to explain how to leave the Institute in Fallout 4.

Once you arrive at the Institute you’ll be directed down a narrow pathway. Eventually you will meet Father, the enigmatic leader of the Institute and learn the secret of the main storyline. I won’t spoil it here, but essentially you’ll be given the choice to join the Institute, or at least learn more about it. Eventually, after following this quest for a bit, you’ll be told to meet up with all four of the department heads of the Institute.

Load up this quest and follow its instructions, meeting with all four leaders. One of them, Dr. Li in Advanced Systems, will mention that they are installing a chip to let you fast travel in and out of the Institute, but this isn’t unlocked just yet. Finish with your tour and head back to Father. Once you complete this dialogue your Pip-Boy will be fully upgraded. You can then pull it up, go to the map and fast travel to any other location in the Fallout 4 wasteland.

As long as you are on good terms with the Institute you can continue to fast travel in and out of their location without any trouble. Alternatively, if you reject Father and the Institue you will have to retrace your steps to the room where you were transported in. After loading the Network Scanner at any terminal, you can teleport out via this room.

However, it is important to note that there are some bugs and glitches involved here. If you’ve done all of this and still can’t fast travel out you might have encountered one. Unfortunately the only cure for this is to load a previous save from before you entered the Institute.

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  • Idar Olsen

    There is a way to leave without loading a erlyer save… Just hit the big red button on the console where you came in.

    • John

      The red button isn’t working for me..

      • Idar Olsen

        I just hit the button and move in to the smal rom. There is a countdown from 10 and Im out :)

        • Wolf king


          • Idar Olsen

            Nop, just cus you are not smart enough to get your ass out of there does not mean it is BS!!!! You are wrong!

        • Burus

          That shit worked for me,thanks.
          all you fuckers, he is right

  • Wolf

    I had the same problems had completed all the tasked but the marker over dr li head wouldn’t go away and she wouldn’t give me the pip upgrade,so I got pissed killed someone and then the marker changed and the game told me to leave the institute,so I ran back up to father while everyone was shooting at me ,talked with him and his dialogue had changed back to asking me if I would stay or leave ,I chose leave and ran back to the teleported and presto I was out . Hope this helps

  • Wolf

    And btw all the other suggestions I found didn’t work

    • Sebastian

      Hey dude i have the same fucking problem but if you decide to go can you go back to the instite or thats the lasts chance