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Fallout 4 Guide: Where is the Crashed UFO and Alien Blaster

by Kyle Hanson


In case you didn’t play the wonderful Fallout 3 DLC, or haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon them before, here’s some info for you: there are aliens in Fallout 4. They are tough to find, only popping up at seemingly random points in the game, but play enough and eventually you’ll come upon one. However, the interaction will usually consist of seeing their ship streak across the sky and hearing it crash at some unknown location. There seem to be a couple spots where this can happen, but by far the most common is right around Diamond City, so here’s how to find the crashed UFO and the Alien Blaster weapon that it brings.

First up, this is not a totally random event. The UFO will appear and crash only once you’ve completed certain missions. Unfortunately we aren’t totally sure what those are at this time, but many are reporting that clearing out Vault 75 does it. I personally hadn’t completed this mission, but I had just done some work for the Railroad, and finished the Silver Shroud intro quest. I’d recommend trying these if you still need to trigger the UFO crash.

Once you’ve done the right set of missions you’ll hear  something pop in the sky, your companion might respond, saying something like “did you just see that?” If you look up at the right time you should see the ship fly across the sky, leaving a trail behind. You’ll then hear the crash off in the distance, which you’ll have to locate.


To do so you’ll want to travel to the area between the Beantown Brewery and Oberland Station, to the northwest of Diamond City. The ship will be nearby, so just walk to the east and you should spot the remnants of a forest fire. In this area you’ll find the crashed ship, but you’ll have to do some more work to locate the Alien Blaster.

To the right/starboard side of the ship should be a spot of green blood. Follow this trail for a little bit and you’ll come upon a cave. Inside will be the alien, holding the Alien Blaster that you seek. He won’t be too happy to see you, so enter the cave prepped for a fight. Once he’s down you can grab the Alien Blaster.

This weapon is actually pretty powerful, featuring a damage rating of 50 and decent stats all around. It’s also worth over 1500 caps, in case you’re not a fan of energy weapons. One issue with it is that it uses the specific alien ammo that you get here, making it pretty hard to use long term. However, you can mod the weapon to use standard Fusion Cells, so I’d recommend that if you’re planning to utilize the Alien Blaster a bunch throughout Fallout 4.

Like I said, there are a couple of other places that this might happen in Fallout 4, but this is by far the most common for players. Follow these steps and you should be blasting away with your fancy new alien weapon in no time.

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