Fallout 4 Human Error Guide: Kill or Spare Amelia?

Check out whether or not you should save Amelia in Fallout 4.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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During the climax of the Human Error side quest in Fallout 4, which is widely considered by fans as one the game’s best, you will be given the choice to either save Amelia Stockton or accept Dr. Rosalyn Chambers’s offer and allow her to be killed/kill her yourself. But should you kill or spare Amelia during the Human Error Side Quest in Fallout 4?

Should You Kill or Spare Amelia in Fallout 4?

Although we lean heavily toward saving Amelia, whether you kill or spare her during the quest will ultimately come down to what you think is right. It’s important to point out that different from some of the game’s most vital side quests, which can majorly affect the world, Human Error can be considered a self-contained storyline. Both options will also provide you with an almost identical amount of rewards.

With that said, to help you make a choice you won’t regret, here’s what will happen if you save Amelia, as well as what siding with the Doctor will do.

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What Will Happen if You Free Amelia?

If you refuse the offer from the Doctor and decide to free Amelia from the Compound, both Dr. Chambers as well as most of the NPCs inside it will become hostile, thus prompting you to finish them off before finding Amelia and rescuing her. After killing the facility members, you will also be able to get a few handy items through the area.

After freeing Amelia from the cage, you will be able to complete the quest by simply talking to Honest Dan. If Dan did not accompany you to the facility, you will need to meet with Old Man Stockton in order to get your reward.

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It’s important to point out that heading back to Covenant after freeing Amelia will cause many of the settlers to become hostile, thus forcing you to kill them in order to unlock the settlement.

Is Amelia a Synth or Not?

After you save her and then talk to Old Man Stockton, you will be able to trigger a dialogue in which he reveals that unbeknownst even to her, Amelia is indeed a synth.

What Happens if You Accept the Offer?

If you decide to accept Dr. Chambers’ offer, the Doctor will continue her ‘experiments’ in the Compound, which include the kidnapping and torture of many. After leaving the immediate area, you will also be able to complete the quest and get your reward (300 caps) by talking to Jacob at the settlement. Doing so will also allow you to unlock Covenant as a settlement right away.

If you pick this option while accompanied by Dan, he will turn hostile, thus forcing you to kill him in order to progress.

It is Possible to Save Amelia While Keeping Covenant Friendly?

It is indeed possible to free Amelia while keeping both Covenant and the Conpond friendly towards the Sole Survivor. In order to do that, you must enter the Compound without Dan, pass the check, and then free Amelia while avoiding the Doctor, which will then prompt her to direct you toward Old Man Stockton. Once she is freed, Amelia will not be harmed by the NPCs in the area.

It’s important to point out that using this method will lock Covenant as a customizable settlement.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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