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Fallout 76 How to Change Character Appearance

It's free, why not?

by William Schwartz


At the beginning of Fallout 76 you’ll be given the opportunity to create your character.  You can customize a lot of different features for them.  You can choose pre-rendered heads and bodies for them, or you can choose to do some heavy customization with options for face, sex, body, and extras.

If you want to change your character’s appearance in Fallout 76 after you’ve played for a bit, you can do so at any time.  Just head to the game’s main menu while in-game by pressing the start button to access the map and then pressing LB/L1 to access the main menu.  From there you’ll see the option to Change Appearance.  You can choose character preset options or sculpt your own face, markings, or body type and sex.

Unlike many things in Fallout 76 this is something that can be accessed at any time and there’s no cost to change your character.  If you’d like to switch your gender, physique, face or other options just head into the Change Appearance tab listed above.

Your changes will be instantly reflected on your character.  Of course, this doesn’t remove or alter any of the progress that you’ve made with that character.  It still has all of the loot and accomplishments that you had prior to making the changes.

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