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Fallout 76: How to Complete Ally – Narrow Escape, How to Recruit Beckett

Save a former bandit, make a friend.

by Brandon Adams


Fallout 76: Wastelanders has added a handful of human allies you can recruit, and one of them is a rather dubious fellow named Beckett. If you want him as a friend you’ll need to first break him out of a Blood Eagle prison. No pressure.

Beckett is recruited after completing the quest Ally – Narrow Escape around Rollins Labor Camp.

Around level 20 or so you should receive a request while on the western side of the map to to assist a man named Beckett. He has found himself in a bit of a jam, and is locked up in a Blood Eagle prison at the Rollins Labor Camp. The camp is between Mount Blair and Lewisburg on the south-western edge of the West Virginia map.


Head on down and clear out some Blood Eagles: the prison is within the giant crane at the camp, so don’t worry about clearing all the buildings. Once inside you’ll find Beckett locked within a cell, and you’ll need a key to crack it open. Talk to Beckett to learn it’s in the building across from the prison, on the third floor in a crate.

Blood Eagles hit hard, and with higher level players looking to complete this quest they may be scaled above your level. Try and rush the key if need be, and double-time back to Beckett. Worse case, log out and back in to a new server to see if the enemies are scaled to you.

Once you unlock the cage Beckett will ask you to help him get some of his gear back (because a jailbreak is never simple). You’ll need to head south to the new Sludgeworks POI, which is just south of your position. Once there take out the small gaggle of Blood Eagles and loot Beckett’s gear from a shack in the back.

Afterwards return to your camp and build Beckett’s bar to start accepting quests from him. Remember, you can only have one ally active at a time, thus only one of their C.A.M.P. items. These are always free to make, so don’t worry about scrapping one for another.

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