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Fallout 76: How to Fast Travel

You can fast travel almost whenever and wherever you want, for a price.

by William Schwartz


Fast Travel is an option in Fallout 76.  How it works is somewhat different than previous Fallout games.  The Fast Travel system in Fallout 76 allows you to quickly get back to teammates, friends, your camp, or any location that you’ve discovered on the map.

To fast travel in Fallout 76 you’ll do it from the in-game map.  Open the map by pressing the start button and then moving the cursor to any one of these locations.  If you select to fast travel to a teammate, to a friend, or to your base camp, you will not have to pay a fee.  If you choose to fast travel to a different location, one of the locations that you’ve discovered on the map, you will need to pay caps to do so.

Depending on how far you are fast travelling in Fallout 76, the cap price will be different.  The further you travel, the more caps it will cost.  However, if you are travelling to your camp, to friends, or to teammates, you will never have to pay a fee and can do so at any time.

There are some times when you cannot fast travel in Fallout 76.  When you are over-encumbered (carrying too many items or over max-weight limit), when you are in combat, or when you are taking damage, you cannot fast-travel.

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