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Fallout 76: How to Get Adhesive

Look for sticky stuff like glue and tape.

by William Schwartz


Adhesive is going to come in handy when crafting different weapons and equipment in Fallout 76.  Adhesive can be scrapped from junk that you find out on your adventures.  So where do you find Adhesive in Fallout 76?  You just have to do a bit of searching to find it.

There are a number of items that can be broken down into adhesive.  These include Duct Tape, Military Grade Duct Tape, Wonder Glue, Economy Wonder Glue, Excess Adhesive, Handmade Glue, Pack of Duct Tape, Sealed Wonderglue, and Vegetable Starch.

Items that contain adhesive in Fallout 76

  • Duct Tape
  • Military Grade Duct Tape
  • Pack of Duct Tape
  • Wonder Glue
  • Economy Wonder Glue
  • Sealed Wonder Glue
  • Handmade Glue
  • Excess Adhesive
  • Vegetable Starch

.  These items are more commonly found around the world that you would think and the places to look are pretty much common sense.

For Duct Tape, Wonder Glue, and Economy Wonder Glue try checking in places like garages or other places that may normally have glue in them.  As for the Military Grade Duct Tape, you’re gonna find that in and around military bases that can be found in Fallout 76.

You can also purchase adhesive from vendors when come across them, but this will cost you caps to do so.  Adhesive can also be earned as a quest reward.

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