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Fallout 76 How to Get Nuclear Material

Nuclear waste goes into more items than you think.

by William Schwartz


You’d think in a game called Fallout it would be easy to find Nuclear Material.  Unfortunately, it’s a rare item in Fallout 76 and it’s used to craft many of the different mods and other items in the game.  The uses for Nuclear Material are many.  It can make glowing sights for weapons, but it can also be used as a component in more elaborate projects as well.  Nuclear Material is only found in a handful of items in the game but it can be mined as well.  These mining opportunities for Nuclear Material are incredibly rare in Fallout 76 and will require that you find one of these deposits.

We can point you in the right direction for that, but first here are all the items in Fallout 76 that will contain Nuclear Material when broken down to scrap.

Items with Nuclear Material in Fallout 76

  • Biometric Scanner
  • Blast Radius Board Game
  • High-Powered Magnet
  • Ignition Core
  • Mini Nuke Beryllium Cap
  • Mini Nuke Detonator Shell
  • Rad Poker Board Game
  • Vault-Tec Alarm Clock
  • Wakemaster Alarm Clock

Like other rare materials, Nuclear Material can also be found at Workshop outposts.  These areas can be claimed by a player and then continually harvested for materials.  There are a handful of Workshop sites that have Nuclear Material, they include:  Thunder Mt. Power Plant Yard Workshop, Federal Disposal Field Workshop, Red Rocket Mega Stop Workshop, and Poseidon Energy Plant Yard Workshop.

You don’t need to actually claim the workshop to harvest the materials.  Only if you want to do it in bulk.  You can simply head over to one of the locations above and then scavenge the area for nuclear material.  We have exact directions to these workshops if you need them.

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