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Fallout 76 How to Get Ultracite

It's one of the rarest and harder to get crafting items in Fallout 76.

by William Schwartz


Ultracite is probably the rarest and most powerful item that you can find in Fallout 76.  It allows you to craft the best power armor in the game.  The Ultracite Power Armor works well against energy attacks, making you very strong against things like the Scorchbeast.  Getting towards the end game of Fallout 76 you’re going to want to get the Ultracite Power Armor.  Guess what, you’re going to need Ultracite.  To get it you’re going to have go into some of the toughest areas of the game — Fissures.

There are only a couple of ultracite veins in the game and they are unsurprisingly located in the game’s toughest region — The Cranberry Bog.

There are a number of locations in the Cranberry Bog that you can go to get Ultracite.  You can tackle the Fissures, which will always have a wailing Scorchbeast and hordes of Scorched.  Or you can head into one of the areas below for a mining chance instead.


The Glassed Cavern is a massive cave system in the Cranberry Bog.  This area features multiple Ultracite veins.  The second area to check for a Ultracite harvesting opportunity is to go to Drop Site G3.  You can get there using the map above.  The locations are marked by the Vault Boy image.  Cranberry Bog is located at the Southeast corner of the map.  The Glassed Cavern is on the far southeast side of Cranberry Bog.  The drop site is on the Northwest side.

There are other spots to check for Ultracite harvesting opportunities.  These will mostly be fissures that will throw a very tough challenge at you.  However, there are couple others that may have Ultracite.

You can check the Red Rocket Mega Stop and the Black Mountain Ordinance Works for Ultracite as well.

Fissure Sites with Ultracite in Cranberry Bog


There are also a couple of Fissure sites that are close to one another in the Savage Divide Region and Mire Region.  These two site also feature the opportunity to harvest Ultracite but you will be facing a very tough challenge with Scorchbeast and Scorched contesting you every step of the way.

Fissure Sites in Northern Savage Divide and The Mire Region


The final places that you go for Ultracite are three more Fissures.  One is located in the Southeastern part of the Forest Region, one is located in the wastes of the Ash Heap deep in the southern part of the map.  And the last is in the south of the Savage Divide Region in a valley at the bottom of the map.

The Forest Fissure, Ash Heap, and South Savage Divide Fissure



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