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Fallout 76 How to Heal Crippled Limbs

Ignoring your health status can put you at a severe disadvantage.

by William Schwartz


If you take too much damage in Fallout 76 you can become crippled.  There are a number of ways that you can become crippled in Fallout 76, and each area that you get crippled in has a different effect on your body.  Crippling can impact your arms, legs, torso, and head.

If you have any of the following limbs crippled these are the effects that you will experience.

  • Crippled Arms – Makes it harder to aim a weapon
  • Crippled Legs – Makes you move slower
  • Crippled Torso – AP Recovers more slowly
  • Crippled Head – Vision and Hearing becomes distorted

If you have any of the above conditions while playing Fallout 76, it’s likely that you are crippled.  To remove crippling or heal crippled body parts you will need to use a Stimpack from your inventory.  These can be accessed under the AID tab in the Pip Boy or in your Quick Item Wheel.

You can always check to see whether you are crippled and what parts of your body are crippled by going to the Stats tab in the Pip Boy and then selecting Status to see your ailments in the game.

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