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Fallout 76: How to Join the Enclave

You can't just mail in a form.

by Kyle Hanson

Fallout 76 changed a lot about the series’ many formulas and tropes, but one that remained somewhat the same is the existence of factions. These joinable groups usually feature lots of quests and a big reward at the end when you complete your initiation. With Fallout 76 there may be no other human members, but this all still remains the same. And the most important group to join is The Enclave, a mysterious group that kind of breaks with the canon. But who cares, you get a cool laser gun and need to do this to launch a nuke, so here’s how to join The Enclave in Fallout 76.

The Enclave’s headquarters, serving as a shadow government of sorts, isn’t the most obvious place in West Virginia. They won’t invite you in, so you’ll have to head to them. You can do this by heading southeast, to the Abandoned Waste Dump on the eastern side of The Mire. Here you will find two high level Deathclaws, so bring your good gear for this one, and maybe a friend or two.

Once they’re dead you can head into the cave and to the very back where you’ll find an elevator. You can’t activate it yet though, so head into the nearby alcove and retrieve the items off the corpse you find there. This will include the Bypass Holotape, which you can play to get past the elevator. You should also now have activated the quest that helps you join The Enclave in Fallout 76.

Getting in here is just the beginning, but these quests are pretty easy to follow. You’ll need to travel to various locations, so just keep following the quest, and eventually you’ll unlock the Enclave’s real home in Whitespring Bunker. This is where the real fun begins, so head there and continue the quest.

This will include travelling to Sugar Grove and killing a robot guard. Once you complete the whole thing you will be a full-fledged Enclave member and can purchase plans to a really cool laser weapon. And that’s how to join The Enclave in Fallout 76.

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