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Fallout 76 How to Switch Weapons Quickly

Always be ready for battle.

by William Schwartz


In Fallout 76 there are going to be numerous situations that occur where you’re going to need to switch weapons quickly.  You could run out of ammo for a gun, or it could break on you if its condition gets too low.  You’ll want to be able to switch to another weapon quickly in Fallout 76 as it could mean life or death.

There are a couple of ways to switch weapons quickly in Fallout 76.  The first is from the quick inventory menu.  This item wheel can be accessed by pressing up on the d-pad at any time in the game.  Any items that you have made a favorite in your Pip Boy will be assigned to this item wheel.  Once the item wheel is open you can just scroll to the weapon you want and switch quickly.

The second way, an even faster way to switch weapons is also located on the d-pad.  When in combat you can quickly switch to a secondary weapon by pressing left on the d-pad and it will switch to the gun you used before the one you are holding.  You can toggle back and forth between the two weapons by pressing left on the d-pad.

There are a couple of different ways to assign items to the quick inventory wheel.  You can open your Pip Boy and then find the item you want to add to the item wheel and then press the RB/R1 button.  Or you can do it from the quick inventory wheel as well.  When in the quick inventory wheel you can press RB when hovering over an item to swap it out for another one in your quick inventory.

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