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Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter How to Equip Special Perks and Get New Ones

You must set up your SPECIAL perks before leaving the vault.

by William Schwartz


As you rank up in Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter mode you will ultimately unlock new SPECIAL perk cards that can be equipped to your character.  The system is similar to the way that it works in the base game, but there’s a catch.  You can only equip SPECIAL perk cards before you start a Nuclear Winter match.  This is done while in the Vault as you prepare to head out into the wasteland.  This guide will explain how to open new SPECIAL card rewards and equip them to your character.

You can equip your SPECIAL loadout by opening the Pip Boy menu while in the Vault before a match.  Open this and then head into the SPECIAL sub menu in the STAT section to access your cards.  Simply select SPECIAL and then press the corresponding button to open the PERKS option listed at the bottom of the screen.

From this screen you can then equip or unequip the various SPECIAL perk cards that you have collected.  If you have unopened SPECIAL card packs when you open your Pipboy Menu while in the vault you will get prompted whether you want to open the card pack and then you can equip it if you want.

How to Get Perk Cards in Nuclear Winter

There are multiple ways to get SPECIAL perk cards in Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter.  You will get 7 cards to start out with, but you can also earn them by increasing your Overseer Rank and completing challenges in Nuclear Winter.

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