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Fallout 76 Where to Go First

Where to go and what to do first in Fallout 76

by Kyle Hanson


Fallout games, like their fellow open world titles, are always a bit overwhelming at first. You take your first tentative steps outside of the vault and are often left wondering what to do next. Sure, there’s objectives and quests that you got right when the game loaded, but what should you really be doing in your first hours with the game? Well, we’re here to help out with our Fallout 76 guide explaining where to go first when you begin your adventures in Appalachia.

While players may be tempted to rush off into the irradiated wasteland of West Virginia, the real answer to “where to go first in Fallout 76” is to stick to the quests you have already. The map for this game is massive, and filled with large cities and dangerous enemies. When you make it out of Vault 76 you’ll have a single quest available to you: find the Overseer’s camp. This is just a short walk away from the Vault and along the way you will learn all the fancy new things you can do in the game.

And that training isn’t over once you arrive. Instead you learn where the Overseer went next and get a quick, and woefully inadequate tutorial on some of the game’s basic features. In these opening moments you’ll learn things like how to level up, how to move your camp, and how to scrap items (click those links for even better guides). You’ll then be directed to a nearby town where you’ll get even more quests and tutorials. These are all helpful in getting you acclimated to the game, which is very different from Fallout titles of the past.

After you complete the mission where you become a volunteer you have a few more options, and if you’ve been collecting items you are a lot more capable at surviving the wasteland. At this point you can do a bit more exploring if you want. Continue on your quest or just pick a direction and start walking. If you see a Deathclaw then you’ve gone too far, so head back and maybe do a few more quests to level up and become a better survivor. Whatever you do just move slow, pick up random objects, and have fun.

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