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Fallout 76 Where to Sell Items

Too many items, not enough space...or Caps.

by Kyle Hanson


Caps have been featured as the main currency for every Fallout game since the very beginning, but none have relied so heavily on this typically easy-to-ignore part of the game as compared to Fallout 76. Bethesda’s bold step into multiplayer territory uses Caps for far more than just grabbing the occasional spare weapon or piece of armor, instead acting as currency for tons of gameplay elements, including fast travel. So, you’ll want to get more Caps and use them more effectively. As we explained in our earlier guide about how to get Caps, one way to become richer is by selling to vendors, but they can be tough to locate. So here’s a quick rundown of where to sell items in Fallout 76.

There are simply too many vendors to list all of their individual locations, and sometimes vendors will pop up in unreliable spots. So, instead we’re going to give you the best tips for locating vendors whenever you need them. Once you find them, just remember where they were so you can fast travel back whenever you have some spare items to unload.

The best place to find vendors, much like extra Stash boxes, is at train stations, which dot the West Virginia landscape fairly regularly. There’s one outside of Morgantown Airport, for example, giving you early access to a vendor by which to sell spare items. Head here if you are looking to sell stuff early, and any train station later on if you just want to get the deed done as quickly as possible.

Once there, look for the Protrectron behind the counter, walk up to him, and press the Trade button to enter the usual interface for swapping items for caps, or other items. Select anything from your inventory to send it over to the vendor in exchange for Caps. If he has something you want, select it to add it to your inventory at the cost of those Caps, or more of your own, if the item is too expensive.

And that’s where to sell items in Fallout 76, the best place to do it at least.

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