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Fallout 76 Where to Store Items

You can't keep it all, but you can keep a lot.

by Kyle Hanson


In the Fallout series, while previous games were often about the story, combat, or saving the world, ever since Fallout 4 most players have been more obsessed with finding, gathering, and storing all the objects they can. Sure, Bethesda loads the games with all the other stuff, but the urge to collect usually takes over every other part of the player’s brain and they become an insane packrat, storing away every object they can just in case it’s useful later on. Of course, with Fallout 76 those items are very useful, so store them you should. But how do you do it? Here’s a quick guide on where to store items in Fallout 76.

The answer is your Stash. Any box labeled “Stash” will do, but you’ll certainly want one built within your Camp for easy access. Basically, any Stash will link up to any other, so objects you put in there will appear in the Stash back at base, at a train station, at the Overseer’s Camp, or anywhere else you might find one. These handy boxes are the key to keeping important items safe, because you are the only one who can access your Stash. Currently there’s a rather low limit on number of items you can store in here, but Bethesda has promised to raise this in the future.

Once you find a Stash all you have to do is walk up and hit the button that corresponds to Transfer, as shown on screen. This will open the usual inventory menu where you can move items from yourself to the Stash and/or back. Put anything you want kept safe into the Stash and only you will be able to take it back out in the future. Move your Camp or find another Stash and you can grab that item at any time in the future.

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