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Far Cry 6 Bow Locations: How to Get Recurve, Compound, El Capirote, and Bullseye

Silently take down enemies with one of four bows.

The bow is a Far Cry staple, allowing players to silently dispatch foes from afar. This weapon returns in Far Cry 6, but this time around, there are a few different bows that players can find across the island of Yara. Some require players to construct certain guerilla facilities in order to unlock them, while others must be found in FND caches hidden somewhere in Yara. Some bows are unique weapons with special perks and attachments, while others can be customized to your liking. Here’s how to get a bow in Far Cry 6.

How to Get a Bow in Far Cry 6

There are four bows that can be obtained in Far Cry 6. Two of them are standard weapons: the Recurve Bow and the Compound Bow. There are two unique bows that you can obtain as well: El Capirote and Bullseye. Some are easier to obtain than others, but the unique bows have special appearances and perks. Here’s how to get all 4 bows in Far Cry 6.


How to Get the Recurve Bow

To get the Recurve Bow in Far Cry 6, you have to build the Guerilla Garrison as any Guerilla Camp. To build it, walk up to the Construction Desk at any Guerilla Camp and hand over the required resources. Once it’s constructed, you’ll be able to purchase several basic weapons using Yaran Pesos, including the Recurve Bow.


How to Get the Compound Bow

The Compound Bow is a better version of the Recurve Bow. You can unlock it by upgrading the Guerilla Garrison to the second level using Metal and Gasolina. It takes quite a bit of each resource to level the building up, so keep an eye out for materials while you’re exploring Yara. You can find plenty of both in military camps, particularly Gasolina. Once you upgrade it, you will be able to purchase advanced weapons, including the Compound Bow.


How to Get El Capirote

El Capirote is the unique version of the Recurve Bow. It comes equipped with a scope and other mods by default. Since it’s a unique weapon, you can’t change the attachments. Its unique perk does more damage to animals, making it perfect for hunting. To unlock it, you must build the Hunter’s Lodge at any Guerilla Camp.


How to Get Bullseye

Bullseye is the unique version of the Compound Bow. You can find it in the Jungles near Lapida Mogote. It’s located in El Este a short distance southwest of El Tigre’s picture on the map. It’s close to a Jaguar hunting spot. Once you arrive at the area, you can find it in a Yaran Contraband chest.

Far Cry 6 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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