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Far Cry 6 Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt: Coco Oven Key Location

Get a new grenade launcher from this treasure hunt.
Far Cry 6 Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt

Far Cry 6 contains many treasure hunts that require you to solve a puzzle to obtain a weapon, but the Parting Gifts quest stumps many people. This treasure hunt requires players to reach the stash in the coco oven, but the Coco Oven Key is required to progress. The quest tells people to power the water pump to put out the fire, but it’s not exactly clear how to do so. Here’s how to find the Coco Oven Key and get the weapon for the Parting Gifts treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

How to Start the Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6

The Parting Gifts quest is located at Coco’s Conuco Oven in El Este. It’s located near the eastern coast of Yara. Once you arrive, you can read a note to begin the treasure hunt. To access the stash in the coco oven, you need to put out the fire by powering the water pump.

Power the Water Pump to Put Out the Fire


To do this, you have to walk inside the building and disconnect the two machines inside. Then, walk to the blue truck parked outside and interact with the hitch to disconnect the trailer. Then, get in the truck and back up to the orange generator on the side of the building. This will connect the generator to the truck.

Reach the Stash in the Coco Oven

Next, drive the truck to the small hut to the south. Make sure the generator is attached. Reverse the truck to place the generator inside the hut. Once it’s inside, it will automatically connect and power the water pump.


Once the generator is connected, walk over to the blue water pump and turn the valve to put out the fire. Now, you can go inside the coco oven. You’re almost done with the treasure hunt at this point.

How to Find the Coco Oven Key

With the fire put out, you can now walk inside the coco oven. Head inside and make your way to the spinning fan in the wall. If you look past the fan’s blades to the left, you should be able to see a lock. Shoot it to open a hatch on the roof.


After shooting the lock, go back outside and climb the ladder. Then, drop down into the now-unlocked hatch. Here, you’ll find the Coco Oven Key hanging on the wall. Use the key to unlock the door and access the stash.

The reward for completing this treasure hunt is an MGL-6 grenade launcher. This is likely the first grenade launcher you’ll come across in Far Cry 6 unless you do some side quests and exploration. This is a great tool to have, especially when going up against Anton Castillo’s military forces. It makes quick work of helicopters and tanks and does a lot of damage, so it’s worth adding to your arsenal.

Far Cry 6 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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