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Fastest Ways to Level Up in Marvel’s Avengers

Effective ways to skyrocket character levels without taking years to do so.

by Amanda Nicklas


Marvel’s Avengers has been released to the public for almost two months, and most players have finished the game and are now going back for seconds. Now equipped with the knowledge of the game as a whole, here are some of the quickest ways to level up in Marvel’s Avengers.

One of the quickest ways to level up a character is to play Harm Challenges. Go to a Harm Challenge, and turn the difficulty all the way down, as this doesn’t affect how much a character can level up, and… it’s easier. Pick a lower level character, and then higher-level characters as companions — this speeds up the challenge and because your companions are more powerful, it takes less time overall because they’re off kicking butt while you’re leveling up the character of your choosing. In a Harm Challenge, the character will usually level up once and occasionally will level up twice. 


To save time and continue on the express-lane of leveling up, you can pause the Harm Challenge before it officially finishes and select “Reload Checkpoint”. This transitions to a new loading screen that takes considerably less time than starting over from the main menu. When you resume from the checkpoint, the Harm Challenge starts over, but the character retains the levels they’ve just earned. Doing this consecutively in one way to fast track to higher levels.

Drop Zones are also a good way to level up. Drop Zones differ from Harm Challenges in several ways. Instead of plowing through enemies in a single space, Drop Zones are short challenges, usually under 10 minutes, that have a single objective. If you’re looking to collect resources while you level up, Drop Zones are the way to go, since Harm Challenges are solely combat. 

Characters will also level up as the main storyline is completed by finishing missions and defeating enemies. But if the main story isn’t enough, those are some of the fastest ways to level up in Marvel’s Avengers and gain precious EXP.


Since its release, Marvel’s Avengers has been going strong and there is no sign that it will be slowing down. With consistent patches and new playable characters on the horizon, those hard-earned levels will likely skyrocket in value with the addition of new features and heroes.

- This article was updated on:October 29th, 2020

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