Fastest Ways to Raise Weapon Freshness Level in Splatoon 3

Fresh to death

by Kara Phillips


Competition plays a massive part in Splatoon 3, so it’s essential for every player to master their weapons and engage in battle. Luckily any player who dedicates the time to increasing the freshness of a weapon will be appropriately rewarded. So read on to see how you can increase weapon freshness quickly and reap the rewards.

How to Raise Weapon Freshness in Splatoon 3

The most consistent way to raise your weapon freshness is to take your favorite weapon to battle. Essentially, the more you play and the more players you defeat, the faster you’ll increase your freshness. So if you want to increase your freshness as fast as possible, it’s essential to keep diving into matches and pouring time into performing well. The higher your freshness, the better you become with the weapon.

Sticking to one weapon will help you specialize in increasing freshness for it, but that shouldn’t deter you from expanding your horizons and trying out alternative weapons. In a way, using a variety of weapons will return more rewards at a faster pace while also resulting in you becoming a more flexible teammate.

With more weapon freshness, you’ll gain access to more rewards and perks, including Sheldon Licenses which will allow you to visit Ammo Knights to purchase additional weapons and repeat the process. Increasing weapon freshness is one of the only ways players can gain access to new weapons.

To check the freshness of a weapon, enter the equip menu by pressing + on your controller. Then, after pressing ZR to toggle through pages, the weapon freshness can be found in the top right-hand corner of the weapon menu. Each weapon has its own freshness bar rather than focusing on the players’ skill level as a whole, so switching between weapons is essential to ensure you’re a reliable team member.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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