FF7 Ever Crisis Character Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

These are the strongest characters in Ever Crisis.

by Diego Perez
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Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis may be a gacha game, but it gives you every one of its characters from the start. You’re only pulling for weapons and armor, so your party composition is entirely up to you. That gives you much more team-building freedom than a game like Genshin Impact, so you should really think about your party’s synergies and weaknesses before jumping into a mission. Not every character in Ever Crisis is created equal, and while everyone is viable, some are a cut above the rest.

Best Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Characters

Nobody is bad in Ever Crisis, but some characters are really outclassed by others that you should probably be using instead. Characters’ efficiency will also depend on the gear you have for them, and a lucky gacha pull could make a lower-tier character more effective than a higher one. With that said, these are the best characters in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. Characters within tiers are not ranked, so keep that in mind. All that matters is the tier they’re in.


Image: Attack of the Fanboy

S-Tier is reserved for the best of the best, and currently, two characters stand above the rest in Ever Crisis.

  • Cloud
  • Aerith

Cloud is the game’s strongest DPS unit at the moment, and he works well with just about every 5-Star sword out there. It helps that the game launched with a banner specifically for him (and Barrett) too, letting the community realize his utility early on. Plus, a lot of his abilities deal lightning damage and lightning seems to be a super common weakness so far. Also, let’s be real: there’s no way Square Enix was going to let their golden boy be anything less than S.

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Aerith is without a doubt the game’s best support unit. Aerith always fit the healer archetype in the original Final Fantasy VII, and that applies here. Her AOE healing capabilities are insane, and while other characters like Tifa can also play the support role, Aerith’s weapons set her apart from the rest. If you equip her with Fairy Tale, she can cast the game’s best healing spell: Curaga A. Another 5-Star weapon of hers that’s super useful is the Guard Stick, which has an AOE heal and Defense buff.


Image: Square Enix

The characters that fall into A-Tier are some of the strongest fighters in the game. They just fall a little bit short of the best Ever Crisis characters.

  • Tifa
  • Barrett
  • Zack
  • Matt Winsord

Tifa is a solid all-around unit capable of high DPS and great support. She has access to debuffs that lower enemies’ magic and physical attacks, which can help your party’s survivability. Also, she has some healing gloves that can make her a suitable replacement for Aerith if you want to play her as a support. The rest of her gloves have high damage output and crit rate, making her a great DPS unit.

Barrett might be the most well-rounded character in the game. He’s super tanky as expected, but he can also apply multiple buffs and debuffs that will let your main DPS units close in for the kill. Ideally, Barrett is great as a sub-DPS that clears adds while your main DPS — Cloud or Zack — melts the boss.

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Zack is basically just a Cloud clone. He could be S-Tier just like his blonde buddy, but Cloud got the first featured banner so his arsenal is way more stacked. When Zack gets his own featured banner and the community starts equipping him with his signature weapons, he’ll likely climb up to S-Tier with Cloud. For now, you could use both of them to deal insanely high single-target damage if you need to quickly demolish a boss.

Matt Winsord is the best of the First Soldier trio, but that’s not saying much. His strong suit is flexibility. He can put out some good AOE healing numbers and some decent damage, but he’s outclassed by everyone else who specializes in those things. The whole point of a party is to supplement each character’s weaknesses, so having a jack of all trades isn’t as useful as a master of one.


Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The units that make up the B-Tier are underwhelming, to say the least. They’re not bad, but you should probably use anyone else.

  • Lucia Lin
  • Glenn Lodbrok
  • Red XIII

Lucia is one of the game’s more flexible units, but her abilities and weapons aren’t as good as the other characters’. She’s one of the game’s better AOE damage dealers, but you’re better off taking someone else since most other characters can handle multiple enemies just fine. Her main selling point is the Silence ability granted by one of her 5-Star weapons, but it doesn’t work on bosses so it’s not too helpful.

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Glenn Lodbrok is the last of the First Soldier trio. He’s capable of applying multiple debuffs to enemies, but everything about his kit just makes him feel like a lesser version of Barrett or Tifa. He just doesn’t have the additional power that those two come with, either, leaving you with little reason to take Glenn outside of very specific circumstances.

Finally, Red XIII might be the worst character in this game which is a disappointment since fans love him so much. The main problem is that he’s outclassed by everyone else with everything he does. He plays a flex role, so he can heal, debuff, or deal damage. However, if you remember what we said about Matt Winsord, Ever Crisis does not favor a jack of all trades. You’re better off bringing literally anyone else and that’s a shame. If you have some good 5-Star gear for him, then maybe he can outclass some of the higher-tier characters if you haven’t built them yet. As it stands, though, Red XIII needs a buff to make him worth using over others.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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