FFXIV Breaking Brick Mountains Event Guide: How to Get Dragon Quest Items

The Dragon Quest collaboration has returned.

by Diego Perez


The Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest collaboration event, Breaking Brick Mountains, has finally returned to the game, and players can earn a wide variety of Dragon Quest-themed items and gear for their FFXIV characters. Like most FFXIV crossover events, Breaking Brick Mountains will only be available for a limited time and there’s no telling when it will come back after it’s over. The Dragon Quest collaboration is similar to past FFXIV events, so veteran players will most likely know what to do already. However, there is one part in particular that’s throwing a lot of players off. Here’s how to get the Dragon Quest items from the Breaking Brick Mountains FFXIV event.=

How to Start the Breaking Brick Mountains Dragon Quest Event in FFXIV

To start the Dragon Quest event in Final Fantasy XIV, head to Ul’dah and speak to a Lalafell named Havak Alvak. He can be found at (X:12.1, Y:8.2) near the Adventurers’ Guild Aetheryte. Talk to him and accept the Level 7 quest called “Breaking Brick Mountains” to begin the Dragon Quest event.


He’ll send you in the direction of the Thaumaturges’ Guild to speak with a Dragon Quest NPC called Beefy Businessman. He’ll send you out to complete a special FATE series called Brick by Brick, but it’s unclear at first where exactly you have to go.

How to Participate in the Brick by Brick FATE

The Brick by Brick FATE doesn’t appear on your map when you click the quest objective. Instead, you’ll have to go explore and find it on your own. It can appear in a few places across Eorzea, but the closest location is Central Thanalan. Just teleport to the Black Brush Station Aetheryte and travel a short distance south to the Sil’dih Excavation Site. Once you arrive, just wait for the FATE to begin.


The Brick by Brick FATE can also be found near the following locations:

  • Lower La Noscea, Blind Iron Mines
  • Upper La Noscea, Camp Bronze Lake
  • Central Shroud, Bentbranch Meadows
  • North Shroud, Finders’ Bluff

The FATE is only level 7, so you should be able to complete it as basically any job in the game. It tasks you with defeating a large amount of Earthen Brickman enemies. After defeating enough, a new FATE will immediately begin called “Brick by Gold Brick.” This is a boss FATE that spawns a larger golem.

After defeating it, you can head back to Ul’dah to turn in the quest. You’ll be rewarded with a Wind-Up Brickman Minion and a new headgear called Thug’s Mask.

How to Get the King Slime Crown

After you complete the FATE, return to Ul’dah and speak to the Beefy Businessman to complete the quest. This will unlock a new vendor NPC nearby called Toughie. If you speak to her, you can buy a fancy new hat called the King Slime Crown for really cheap. You can’t get the King Slime Crown or the other Dragon Quest items anywhere else, so make sure you pick up all three before the event ends.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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