FFXIV Data Center Visit: How to Travel to Aether, Primal, or Cystal in Final Fantasy XIV

All the same places, but on a different server.

by J.T. Isenhour


Picking a Data Center in Final Fantasy XIV seals your fate when it comes o playing through the game. Unless you want to spend a bit of money to have your character transferred to a different Data Center or make a new character on a different Data Center, you will be stuck with where you pick.

This sucked because if you had friends that were in a different Data Center, there was no way of playing with them. Hope was on the horizon though. With the addition of world visits, the promise of Data Center visits was made. Thus allowing you to play with friends in a different Data Center. Now that Data Center visits have been added to Final Fantasy XIV many players are going to visit and play with friends. Let’s go over how you can use the Data Center visit feature in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Visit Other Data Centers in Final Fantasy XIV

Visiting a Data Center is quite simple, all you need is to be near an Aetheryte. Just teleport to any city you want to or use your return ability to be brought right to an Aetheryte. Then you need to interact with it to pull up its menu. Then you just need to pick the Data Center Visit option and select which Data Center and server you want to visit.


There are a few restrictions that will apply to you while you are doing a Data Center Visit. You can’t join or form a Free Company and you won’t earn any Company credits for your own company. You can’t use, join, create, or view Linkshells during your visit. You won’t be able to access your retainers, but they will still sell items you put up before you did your visit. It also seems that you can still use market boards in other Data Centers, so you can take advantage of lower prices if you can find them.

You also can’t buy housing or host/attend an Eternal Bonding Ceremony during a Data Center Visit.  You can also craft in another Data Center but gathering is limited since you can’t access Legendary or Unspoiled nodes. You should also be apple to access the new dungeon types during a Data Center Visit once those are added back into the game.

Other than those restrictions almost everything else is fair game. Go run some dungeons or do a raid with friends from another Data Center. If you are wanting to jump into a different Data Center around the time this article is released, you will run into a little issue. At the time of writing this article, the Data Center Visit has been suspended due to the unexpected load of people wanting to visit other Data Centers.

It should be back up as soon as more server compacity is added and everything in this guide will still be relevant when it is available again. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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