FFXIV: How to Learn Tingle for Blue Mage

It's time to let another enemy teach you how they fight.

by J.T. Isenhour


Getting spells for Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV is not as easy as it is for other classes. Getting spells like Tingle, will require you to let the enemy hit you over and over with the spell until you learn it. The hardest part of getting a Blue Mage spell is finding which enemy uses the spell you want to learn. This guide will cover which enemy you need to find and get hit by to learn the spell Tingle.

Which enemy will teach you the spell

In order to learn Tingle, you have two enemies you can choose from. The first enemy that you can learn Tingle from is an Ebisu Catfish in Yanxia. You will normally find the enemy around x:28, y:6. the enemy will wander so it may not be right at those coordinates but it will be close by if you go to that spot.

Your other option for learning the spell is to find a Gyorai Quickstrike and have it hit you with Tingle. These enemies are similar to the Ebisu Catfish with the only major difference being the outfit the Gyorai wears. It is important to note that unlike the Ebisu Catfish the Gyorai Quickstrike is an elite mark for hunts. This means the enemy may be a bit harder to find as it does not have one set spawn location. Instead, the Gyorai has several spawn locations across Yanxia that it can be at.


The Ebisu Catfish will be much easier to use when trying to get the Tingle spell. Since it has a set spawn area and can have several on a map at a time. As with other Blue Mage spells, you may not get Tingle on your first try.  However, there will be plenty around for your farm for the spell.

Tingle is an AOE spell that has the additional effect of buffing the next physical damage spell you cast. This makes the spell very useful for causing damage spikes in your rotation against single target enemies. This makes the spell a must-have in any Blue Mage’s spellbook. For help with other Blue Mage spells or other aspects of Final Fantasy XIV be sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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