FFXIV: How to Make More Gil As an Alchemist

Sorry, no Philosopher stones here.

by Andron Smith

Learning how to make more Gil as an Alchemist is surprisingly pretty easy. It’s just not that fabulous of a life. While other crafters like Weavers get access to in-demand glamours and Culinarians get access to must-have meals, Alchemists are more on the supplying end of the chain. However, Alchemist’s earning potential opens up a lot earlier than other crafters with some components that only they can craft being needed for far higher level recipes. If you’re thinking about dabbling in the alchemical arts, they have a strong synergy with the Botanist class as it allows you to gather most of the necessary materials at zero cost to you. Here’s everything we know about how to make more Gil as an Alchemist in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Make More Gil As an Alchemist in Final Fantasy XIV

The best ways to earn more Gil as an Alchemist in Final Fantasy XIV are to focus on crafting mid to high-level reagents as well as high-level potions and alkahests. Sure you could also make some furniture and SCH/SMN books but it won’t pay as consistently as these. While on paper that sounds fine, we’re going to break it down for you right here.

Reagent Riches

Look through every glue, oil, and ink that you can craft. Seriously, just take a glance. Each and every one of these recipes has high earning potential especially if you get the materials needed on the cheap by using a smart market board strategy or farming them up on Botanist and a disciple of war of your choice. The reason reagents are so in demand is that only Alchemists craft them so you’re really only competing against other alchemists and not many players consider it a money maker. That last part is a bit of a mistake.

Regardless of level, a new reagent is added to the latest recipes. Starch Glue, for example, is used in 21 recipes with only one being an Alchemist recipe. This means twenty recipes depend on the availability of this glue and unless they are an Omni-crafter (someone who has all crafters leveled), other crafters are going to be looking for your wares. Don’t just aim for high level though as the further into the expansions we go, the more in demand lower level glues, inks, etc, become. Review the market board for gaps in supply and fill that need. Remember, if there is a lot of demand and no supply, you’ll be able to set your price and the Gil will flow like water.

You Bring the Brews

Potions and Alkahests are super profitable for Alchemist. Unlike the reagents named above, these do fluctuate but eventually settle at pretty high prices and remain there through multiple patches. While there are plenty of useful potions that recover HP and remove certain statuses, these drop like candy from quite a few places so your investment won’t be returned as readily. Still make some of these but don’t depend on them to make you mega-rich. Instead, look into crafting stat-boosting potions such as the Tincture of Intelligence. This tincture and others like it provide a bonus to one of the primary stats which gives a sizeable damage boost when used during a raid or high-end content. Raiders in particular, especially close to the release of new content, will pay a bundle for a bundle of what you got especially if you HQ them. Follow the patch cycles to know when new recipes are out then use your Botanist to gather up materials and craft them. To be honest, the below stats are the ones to really focus on as the others are not that great currently.

  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Strength

Outside of these stat-boosting potions are the Alkahests. Alkahests should be your bread and butter, period. These potions range in grade from 1 – 4 at the time of this writing and all sell for fairly high prices. While stat-boosting potions are purchased primarily by DPS, Alkahests are purchased by crafters as almost every high-level craft requires one of these to craft battle gear. It’s actually a bit ridiculous. Aim to HQ no matter the grade and look at older Alkahests as well. While Grade 4s are definitely the new hotness, Grade 3s and below are still going for a pretty penny as again, you’re playing the only crafter that can make the dang things! Talk about job security eh?

These are the ways we recommend for how to make Gil as an Alchemist . Get cooking and maybe you’ll become the one who knocks. Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Be sure to check out our other Gil earning guides while you’re here.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2021