FFXIV: How to Unlock Sage in Endwalker

Endwalker's new Healer is more combat-oriented than most.

by Diego Perez
Endwalker Healer

The Sage job is the newest Healer class in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, and it’s very easy to unlock. It can be found in one of the game’s three starting cities, just like most new classes added to the game. Although you don’t have to complete Shadowbringers and start the Endwalker main scenario quests to unlock Sage, you do have to meet the minimum level requirement first. Like Reaper, Sage starts at Level 70, so you’ll need to do some grinding if you don’t already have another class at that level. Here’s how to unlock Sage in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to Unlock Sage in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock Sage, all you have to do is complete the quest called “Sage’s Path,” which can be started by speaking to the Sharlayan Maiden in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.4 Y:12.9). This quest has a minimum level requirement of 70, so you’ll need to have at least one other job at Level 70 or higher. You also need to own the Endwalker expansion to start this quest and unlock Sage.

If you’re having trouble finding this quest, just look out for a blue quest icon with a plus sign attached to it. Quests with this icon always unlock something, and that applies to new job quests as well. There aren’t too many quests in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks anyway, so Sage’s Path shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The Sage’s Path quest introduces you to the main characters of the Sage job questline. More importantly, though, it also gives you a full set of Sage gear to start off. You’ll receive a full set of Level 70 Sage gear, a Level 70 weapon, and a job crystal. Because this class starts at Level 70, your hotbars are going to be incredibly crowded right off the bat. Take the time to read the tooltips for each skill and get a feel for how the job operates.


Since Sage starts at Level 70, you won’t be able to start playing through the Endwalker main scenario quests right away. The Endwalker MSQ begins at Level 80, which is right where Shadowbringers left off. That means you’ll have to grind 10 Levels in order to play the new content as a Sage. Thankfully, the same tried and true leveling methods still apply in 6.0.

The armoury bonus grants bonus XP when you’re leveling a job that’s lower than your highest-level job, and Endwalker boosts that bonus XP from 50% to 100% so leveling should be easier now than ever before. Once you reach Level 71, you can start spamming Shadowbringers dungeons beginning with Holminster Switch, or you can jump straight into Bozja from Level 70. There’s also Wondrous Tails, which gives half a level when you turn in a journal to Khloe in Idyllshire.

Healers normally get fast dungeon queue times, but with everyone trying out Sage, it seems like the wait times will be much longer than before. The same goes for DPS players hoping to bring the new Reaper job into dungeons. Thankfully, you can run through Shadowbringers dungeons using Trusts if you don’t have the patience for long queue times. Playing with NPC allies will also take a lot of the pressure off and let you get a feel for how Sage plays.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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