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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers How to Use the Trust System

No more waiting for party members.

by Alex Levine


Shadowbringers is finally here, and with it comes a plethora of brand new features that many fans have been longing for. The two new class systems, Gunbreaker and Dancer, the new level cap which brings it to 80, and a whole new landscape to venture out on. While these may be viewed as the most important aspects, their are still some other features that are just now being implemented for our benefit.

One of the biggest ones is the brand new Trust System which is utilized with the Duty Finder mechanic. The Duty Finder is used for locating party members for dungeons as each one requires a certain amount of players. Not only that, but their is also a class requirement for every one, usually one Tank, two DPS, and one Healer.

As you can imagine, the wait time for getting a party together is infamous within the game, but with the Trust system, that all now goes out the window. Here’s how to use the Trust System in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers.

How to use the Trust System.

The Trust System basically removes the long wait time for making the necessary party for the dungeon, and instead puts you with A.I. party members instead. This makes it easier for players to make up their own custom party instead of having to rely on others, especially if theirs a specific role that they desire.

This also pertains to certain main quests as you will need to party up during later missions. However, the folks at Square Enix didn’t just tack on this new feature, they made it as intuitive as possible. The A.I. will actually speak to you as if they were a normal human player, giving the players a whole new experience, and maybe, dependable party members.

To use the Trust System, select Duty on the main menu which is on the bottom right of the screen and pick the Trust option. From here you can select from a list of NPC party members with varying levels and class types. Once you’re satisfied with the party go ahead and select Register for Duty to immediately start the dungeon with absolutely no wait time. Make sure you aren’t in an active party with other players, otherwise you won’t be able to use the Trusts System.



- This article was updated on:July 1st, 2019

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