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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers How to Unlock the Dancer Class

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by Alex Levine


Shadowbringers is here, and with it comes two new classes. We already went over the Gunbreaker, but we still need to address the other one, the Dancer class. Where the Gunbreaker is a new type of Tank, the Dancer is a Ranged DPS, attacking with dual weapons and abilities from afar.

Just like the former, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time to obtain this new class for yourself, but you might be surprised on how you unlock it. Here’s how to unlock the Dancer class in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers.

How to Unlock the Dancer Class.

Before you head out, you’ll need to address two important things first. One, you must be a class associated with the Disciple of War or Magic type. Two, you must be at least level 60 to start the class quest. If you meet both requirements, then head on over to Limsa Lominsa. Go to the Lower Decks to find the NPC Eager Lominsan, who’s coordinates on the map are X 9.8, Y 12.

Approach him and he will have the quest Shall We Dance. The quest marker will lead you to one of the bridges where you’ll be asked to watch a Dancer….dance. After the dancing is done interact with them and they will offer to train you to be a Dancer. Yup, that’s it!

Accept this and you’ll receive the Soul of the Dancer, officially making it your new DPS class. In addition, you’ll also get the High Steel Chakram weapons and the Sofsteppers Attire Coffer, which contains clothes specialized for the Dancer class.

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