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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers How to Unlock the Gunbreaker Class

The Gunblade makes its grand return

by Alex Levine


The long awaited expansion for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn has finally arrived. Shadowbringers is here, and with it comes a brand new landscape, level cap, and more weapons and items that we can even begin to comprehend. However, the most important new feature are the two new classes, one of which is a brand new tank warrior, the Gunbreaker. Fans who are familiar with Final Fantasy VIII will instantly recognize the iconic weapon this tank holds, the Gunblade.

The very same weapon that Squall Leonhart uses is now available to use for anyone willing to become a Gunbreaker. However, as with all new branching classes, becoming one requires you to fulfill specific obligations, as well as having some prerequisites. Here’s how to unlock the Gunbreaker class in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers.

How to unlock the Gunbreaker Class. 

Before you even start, you’ll need to assess two major things. One, you must be associated with either a Disciple of War or Magic class. Two, you must be at least level 60 to attempt the class quest. If you meet both of the standards, then you’re ready. Begin by heading over to Gridania and search for an NPC called God’s Quiver Bow. You can find him on the map with the coordinates X 11.5 and Y 11.9.

When you meet him, he will have a brand new quest for you called The Makings of a Gunbreaker. The quest itself is pretty simple, as all you’ll be doing is helping out another Gunbreaker with his own escort assignment. Once that’s done, he’ll offer you to join his group and in exchange, train you to become a Gunbreaker.

Accept his proposal and you’ll receive the Soul of the Gunbreaker, officially making it your brand new tank class. In addition, you’ll also get the High Steel Gunblade to start you off, as well as the Outsiders Attire Coffer, which contains clothing specialized for the Gunbreaker class.

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