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FFXVI Bomb King Hunt Location: Where is the Crock in Sanbreque?

Notorious Marks is an excellent feature in Final Fantasy 16, where players can hunt down ranked monsters for many rewards. However, these hunts can be tricky, as the game only gives you a little information on where to find the monsters. 

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Take the Bomb King, for example, which is tied to a side quest called “Weird Science.” The hint for this hunt is to venture to The Crock. If you’re stuck and can’t seem to find this well-hidden monster — you have come to the right place. This guide will cover the Bomb King Hunt location and where to find the Crock in Final Fantasy 16.

The Crock Location for the Bomb King Hunt in Final Fantasy 16

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Players can find The Crock Sanbreque and the Bomb King’s location in Final Fantasy 16 in the southeast area of the Sanbreque region. The quickest way to get to the Crock Sanbreque is to fast-travel to the Dragon’s Aery Obelisk — where you must proceed south from its location. Refer to the image attached to this guide, where my marker represents where The Crock Sanbreque and the Bomb King are located.

Once you approach this area, you will notice an area that resembles a coliseum. Head inside this coliseum, and a short cutscene will begin. This is when the Bomb King will appear, and the battle will commence.

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How to Beat the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

The Bomb King of the Crock Sanbreque falls into the Rank B category, making it one of the easier of the Notorious Marks. Still, it would be wise to prepare for this fight by stocking up on potions and hi-potions by purchasing them from the Merchant in the Hideaway. Also, check to see if there are any available upgrades for your weapons and armor at the Blacksmith.

The Bomb King fight in the Crock Sanbreque is straightforward until the enemy reaches about half its HP. This is when the Bomb King will start summoning smaller versions of itself, which will begin to explode and cause severe damage. I had the best luck at this part by evading these smaller enemies and focusing on the Bomb King the entire time — to avoid the explosive attacks that the Bomb King’s summons are there to do. If you are having trouble, practice in training mode!

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After beating The Bomb King of the Crock Sanbreque, you will be rewarded with 20 Renown, 9,000 Gil, and Bomb Ember (a rare crafting material.) You can use the Renown by heading to the Patron’s Whisper near the Hunt Board, where you can collect items depending on the amount of Renown you have in your inventory.

Is the Bomb King Missable in Final Fantasy 16?

Technically, the Bomb King and all other hunts are missable as there is a point very late on in the game where you aren’t allowed to return to the open world. However, if you make frequent saves, you will always be able to go and get this notorious hunt mark. In my opinion, It is highly worthwhile to track this mark down as soon as it is on the board.

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It is especially useful for getting the Bomb Ember material and, of course, the free 9000 Gil, as mentioned before. All in all, make sure to complete this particular notorious mark in the game!

How to Unlock the Bomb King Hunt in Final Fantasy 16

The Bomb King of the Crock Sanbreque can be unlocked once players complete the quest “Letting off Steam III,” which is part of the main quest “Out of the Shadow.” Once you complete the quest, you must then start the “Weird Science” side quest, which Owain, the Engineer in the Hideaway, provides. Once you begin the Weird Science side quest, the Bomb King will become available on the Hunt Board at the Hideaway. If you are still looking for the Hunt Board, know it is on the area’s western side.

It’s important to remember that Hunts (Notorious Marks) progressively unlock as you play through the main story. Some also revolve around side quests, similar to the Bomb King of Crock Sanbreque, so if you ever have trouble unlocking one, just make sure you speak to everyone with an exclamation point above their head. 

NPCs with question marks have a side quest available, and sometimes, they involve hunting down a Notorious Mark. I highly recommend you complete as many objectives from the Hunt Board as possible, as the rewards are extremely valuable and can help you as you approach the end game.

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Weird Science Side Quest Rewards

Completing the Weird Science side quest and reporting back to Owain will reward you with some valuable rewards. For example, you will receive the Treated Potion Satchel, which allows you to increase the amount of potions you can carry. Having an extra potion saved me numerous times against the end-game bosses. 

Additionally, you will receive 1 Black Blood, 900 EXP, and 40 Renown. With all those rewards in mind, it’s safe to say that completing Weird Science and defeating the Crock of Sanbreque is worth it.

History of the Bomb King in Final Fantasy

The Bomb King of the Crock Sanbreque originally appeared in Final Fantasy IV, and it was only found in the Lunar Ruins dungeon, which was highly extensive — the dungeon was only available for the PSP and the Gameboy Advance editions of the title. The Bomb King has appeared in various forms since its first appearance.

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I find it intriguing that the Bomb King was a “Notorious Monster” before in Final Fantasy XI, so Final Fantasy XVI is carrying on that legacy. Bombs have been around in Final Fantasy since the franchise’s second installment and have continued making their sometimes fiery selves known in players’ minds. Now that you know where the Bomb King is in Final Fantasy XVI, it’s time to go and battle it!

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