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FIFA 14 Skill Games – Advanced Shooting Legendary Guide

by Johny Hercock


This is a guide to try and help you get a Legendary rating on the Advanced Shooting Skill Challenge of FIFA 14. The video at the bottom of the article shows one of my attempts at the Skill Challenge. It wasn’t my best (I started to choke at the end), but you can use it as a reference and try to take ideas from it.

Know how to earn points

Beating players with a skill move is worth 100 points, whereas a completed pass to a teammate is worth 200, and scoring a goal is worth anywhere from about 700 to 2000 points. So the best way to rack up points is to try and score quick goals, with a few passes thrown in, especially when crossing is an option. Don’t waste time on trying to beat players, as a 1-2 pass around the defender will earn you more points, and is a safer option.

Pick one of the best

I picked Ronaldo in the example video for the Skill Challenge. You don’t have to use him, but he has very high stats in all of the important attributes. Some of the most important are ; Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Finishing, Dribbling, Agility, Curve, Shot Power, Long Shots, Shot Power, Weak Foot and Skill Moves in no particular order. If you don’t use Ronaldo, try and pick a player who has high ratings in those areas.

Learn what type of shot to use

This can’t be explained without going into immense detail, which is why I made the video. Refer to that for ideas on when to shoot and how. Here are some general tips though;

  • Shoot from distance. Especially if using Ronaldo, you can score form further than you expect, and you will get lots of points
  • Use chipped shots. These tend to be worth more. Always use chip when the keeper starts off his line, or on one of the drills where he rushes out at you. You can get 1400-2000 every time by using a chipped shot.
  • Use flair or finesse on crosses. Mix and match between the two, but hold LT or RB when headering or volleying the ball. These will set of flair or finesse volleys and headers, which are often worth more or more accurate.

Advanced Shooting Legendary Skill Challenge

That concludes this brief guide, but stay tuned to Attack of the Fanboy for more FIFA-related guides, tips and tricks. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, praise or criticism.

- This article was updated on:November 6th, 2018

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