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FIFA 19 How to do a Fake Shot

Get the defender to bite on a well-timed fake shot.

by William Schwartz


The Fake Shot in FIFA 19 is a great move for trying to get defenders out of position.  It can be used in a variety of different situations and it requires that you do press multiple buttons in sequence to pull off.  If you do the correct input, your player will do an animation where they lunge forward and bring their leg back as they gear up to take a big shot before pulling back and continuing to dribble.

How to do a Fake Shot in FIFA 19

Xbox: Press the X Button and then the B Button quickly
PS4: Press the Square Button and then the Circle button quickly

To do the Fake Shot in FIFA 19 you’re going to have press the X Button and then the B Button, very quickly.  Press these buttons in quick succession will pull off the fake shot.  By using this button combo you will stutter step and lunge like you getting ready to take a shot.   The most important thing to note with the fake shot is that the buttons need to be pressed quickly, one after the other.

The Fake Shot is a great tool to use against human opponents who will be far more likely to get out of position on the fake shot attempt than the computer is.  Using the Fake Shot in FIFA 19 is pretty easy to do once you’ve committed it to memory.  However, if you don’t hit the right buttons or hit them quickly enough, you very well may send off an errant pass or shot in the process.  You can practice the Fake Shot in the new Practice Arena.

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