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FIFA 19 How to Do a Low Driven Shot

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by William Schwartz


The low driven shot has already become one of the most popular shots in FIFA 19. It’s hard to defend for the goalkeeper and some are already calling it the biggest cheese in the game. Since many FIFA 19 players are going to be using the shot in online matches and FUT games, it’s probably beneficial for you to know how to use it. Here’s how to pull of one of the easiest ways to score in FIFA 19, the Driven Low Shot.

To perform the Low Driven Shot in FIFA 19 you’ll want to hold in the LB + RB Buttons (Xbox) L1 + R1 (PlayStation) and the B Button (Xbox) or Circle Button (PlayStation) to perform the shot. You can also aim the shot like any other, just use the left analog stick to aim which direction you want the shot to go.

How to do a Low Driven Shot in FIFA 19

Xbox: LB + RB and then B to shoot (Left Thumbstick to Aim)
PlayStation: L1 + R1 and Circle to shoot (Left Thumbstick to Aim)

The low driven shot is a good shot to use in a number of different situations. It’s definitely a shot to use when you are inside the penalty box area, and good to use when facing the goal keeper one on one and are in front of the goal. The low driven shot can be made even better by using it with the game’s new Perfect Shot timing mechanic.

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